J. Lo Plays With Her Gigantic Belly

J. Lo went to the hair salon yesterday! She's also been having tons of lipo, but she wants us to believe that she's J. Lo, so she could be that huge, then instantly be normal (for her) again. She loved being huge.. right J. Lo. She gained 45-50 pounds during her pregnancy, and told OK! magazine that she was fine with being gigantically bloated and said: I gained a good amount of weight, which I was focused on because twins can sometimes have a low birth weight. I gained 45-50 lbs, a lot for my frame, but for twins it’s right on.”

She added: “It’s amazing how your stomach goes goes boop and it’s this jiggly mass. I even play with my little leftover belly.”
Like her stomach has never gone "boop" before! Of course her weight was "right on." She's J. Lo, damn it! She does everything perfect. And like her "frame" is so delicate...UGH.
She's recruited celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson to supposedly help her train for a triathalon. Oh, please...why. Who cares. According to People magazine, Jen flew Gunnar to NYC from Beverly Hills and paid him over $75,000 for training, which consists of high-cardio workout programs at her home gym for an hour to an hour and a half every day. Everything I read about her makes me feel sorrier for Skeletor.