Lindsay's UGLY Role

Doesn't Lindsay Lohan look the picture of wholesome living? Is it just obvious to me that she hasn't changed anything about her lifestyle? Anyway, "clean living" Lindsay will appear on the TV show Ugly Betty. Wow, I'm impressed, how did they ever score such a huge star! She was a CHILD STAR, nothing more. Why do people still call her an actress? Her career was over after Mean Girls.

Britney Still Doesn't Wear Underwear

Britney shows off her lipo bruises and more!

Amy Winehouse Murders a Hamster

A British singer is claiming Amy killed his hamster. Peter Pepper claims that he was partying with Amy when his hamster, a birthday gift named Georgie Porgie, escaped. Amy volunteered to capture it. Pepper says that Amy had emptied the liquor cabinet by this time.

"I went to put a bandaid on my finger and by the time I came back Amy said she'd put it to bed and it was sleeping," he explained. "But just hours later the hamster was stone cold and hard. I don't know what she did to it - it was probably crack!"
Pepper says he never approached Ames about killing his hamster because she can be "mental" at times. Winehouse also managed to unplug his freezer, which flooded his kitchen. Sounds like a fun! Those wacky Brits sure know how to party

Really Gross Blind Item

...from crazy days and nights. The Ent. Lawyer is at a party...
The only other person I clearly knew was a guy who was in a boy band. All night long he had a mantra for anyone who would listen. "That f**king bitch." Literally it was the only three words I heard come out of his mouth the whole night. The more pot he smoked, the less violent the words became, but it was clear that despite the comfort some 18 (hopefully) year old girl was trying to give him, his mind was clearly elsewhere. From what I gathered when speaking with people who knew him, it seems as if his ex ( B list actress--brand new hit show) who had taken up with someone new a few months earlier, was running around town telling anyone that would listen that our boy bander (not Lance Bass) could never get it up, and that even when he did, it was nothing to write home about.

Each day was spent at the pool and it seemed like the people who came for the after party never really went away. People would just drift in and out. Nights were spent at clubs, and because of the generosity of the first night and some generous tipping, our boys found themselves in the VIP rooms every night.

I went to Mood and saw "Eric." So, VIP room, and lo and behold there is a celebutante. Eric is enamored. I'm just nauseous. This celebutante is someone who can be charming or a bitch, and that night Eric got to see both. At the club, she was flirty and funny and touchy feely. She mingled and laughed and seemed to spend more and more time with Eric as she made her decision for the night. Let's go to a strip club she said. A group of about six people said sure. So the six plus the celebutante made seven and it was off to a strip club. There were four guys including myself and three women. At the strip club, it was straight to a private room. The celebutante was in charge and clearly had been here before and knew exactly what she wanted. She had about ten strippers line up in front of her. No one else was allowed a pick until she had made her own.

Our celebutante was wearing a tiny skirt and I'm assuming no panties although, honestly, I wasn't going to look, and probably would have died from the smell. Anyway, the words out of her mouth were, "I want my pu**y licked. Who's going to do it?" I debated about relaying this next part because it is so cruel, but it is what happened, so needs to be said. A black girl stepped forward, and our celebutante said, "hell no, no (N word) is ever going to touch me. I just want blondes. Everyone just dropped their jaws when she said it, but the dancers must have heard it before from her. It seems that sometimes she would let a black girl and sometimes she wouldn't. This night it was a no. One blonde agreed to do it and for the next 30 minutes or so, our celebutante kept up a running conversation with everyone else who was in the room while the dancer was down on her knees servicing the celebutante

KFed Gets Another Ugly Haircut

How many ugly haircuts can you get? Leave it to Kfed to come up with a new twist on an always ugly head. Why doesn't he just have normal hair and some normal clothes? He needs to grow up now, he looks ridiculous. The gangster image he tries to portray is not working and never will. I believe he deserves every penny he gets for putting up with Britney, so maybe he can use some of his Brit fortune to buy himself some taste.

Hulk's Wife Says Street Racing Is "Cool" After Her Son Nearly Kills His Friend

Linda is divorcing Hulk, and doesn't have a problem blowing through his money. Her loser son, Nick, is facing criminal chargers for the accident that crushed his friends skull. Here they are on a shopping spree. She's stocking up on facecream. Bad news, Linda. All the cream in the world won't change what you look like.

TMZ ran video a few days ago of Linda Hogan talking about "what a rush it was to street race and evade cops." She thinks street racing is cool! Especially when you're a drunk 17 year old kid who thinks he can do whatever he wants. She's a great mom

Shocking! Lindsay Isn't Drug Free

Lindsay's new lips

Nasty Dina thinks she's cool. Gross! Her FEET!

Lindsay was spotted looking “out of it” at a Hollywood Hills house party back on November 2nd. A witness went on to tell Life & Style magazine that the orange colored tramp, (who hasn't made a decent movie since she was 14) made a few suspicious moves throughout the night.

“She and Samantha Ronson, her lesbian lover, kept going to the bathroom together throughout the night. She didn’t seem to know what was going on. She couldn’t comprehend anything

Whitney Plans Comeback

Troubled singer Whitney Houston is planning a spectacular comeback concert in Malaysia next month. WTF? Malaysia??

Houston is expected to preview songs from a long-awaited new album at the one-off performance in the capital Kuala Lumpur on December 1.

The 44-year-old's personal life and her battles with crack and ex-husband Bobby Brown have made more headlines than her music in recent years.

But friends hope the new album will kickstart her career. Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am, Ne Yo, R Kelly and John Legend are all rumored to be working on the disc, her first effort in four years

Katie Couric's Stomach Churning Sex Photos Held Ransom for 1 Million

Don't worry, Katie. We are just as scared as you are! NO ONE wants to see you naked

The National Enquirer, has a story claiming that there are more cringe-worthy photos possibly coming our way. 50 year-old gummy-grinning bitch Katie Couric is being blackmailed for $1 million over photos that her 33 year-old boytoy, Brooks Perlin, left at a party. Katie’s camp claims they’re just friendly vacation snaps, but why would someone try to extort a million bucks out of Katie for some tame personal pictures?

“Intimate” snapshots of Katie Couric romping with her hot young sweetie Brooks Perlin have been discovered in a camera that Katie left behind at a party, insiders say.
Now sources say the pictures are in the hands of a person who’s demanding a whopping $1 million to return them…
“The personal photos have been described as ‘intimate’ - and Katie obviously never wants them to be made public,” a source told The Enquirer.. (NEITHER DO WE!)

“If these photos make their way to web sites and blogs, it could be very embarrassing.”

Reporter Tells Hulk About His Own Divorce

It seems Hulk Hogan is about to become a bachelor again.

Hulk, real name Terry Gene Bollea, and Linda, real name Linda Marie Bollea, got married in 1983 when the former was rising to fame in the wrestling world. They have two children, 19-year-old Brooke, and 17-year-old Nick.

The former wrestling champion told press, “Thank you for the great information,” after he was notified by a reporter that Linda had filed for divorce. “My wife has been in California for about three weeks. ... Holy smokes. Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me.”

Linda is doing Hulk a HUGE FAVOR! She is such a nasty skank, and it was clear watching the show that she cared nothing about him. Nice way to find out about your divorce too. He will be much better off without that dumpy, phony, clown make-up tramp

Stupid Quote of the Day

“He was totally being illegal. Of course he was. He knew he was. I was 16, he was 24; that’s weird. At the time I didn’t think it was weird. I thought he was lovely and mature, but he was weird. He’s not really a very stable person and I was kind of afraid to be with him. He was scary; he scared the shit out of me.”

- Singer Joss Stone, of her relationship with eight years older ex-boyfriend Beau Dozier

Madonna Cancels Christmas

Now, Lourdes won't get the unibrow trimmer she hoped for

Madonna has "canceled Christmas" and refuses to give her children any presents.

The star's husband Guy Ritchie says Madonna - who is a devout follower of Kabbalah, a mystical off-shoot of Judaism - will not allow their seven-year-old son Rocco, two-year-old adopted son David, and the singer's 11-year-old daughter Lourdes to celebrate the Christian holiday.

Speaking at the London premiere of new Christmas movie 'Fred Claus' yesterday , Guy told BANG Showbiz: "We canceled Christmas two years ago in our household

Eddie Murphy Refuses To Meet Daughter

Eddie Murphy refuses to meet his daughter with Mel B.

Murphy has reportedly told his legal team he has no interest in ever meeting his daughter. A source told The Sun, “Mel was furious. She had been planning to take Angel to the courthouse to meet her dad for the first time."

Just because that vulgar skank got pregnant, it doesn't mean Eddie has to see HER baby. Yes, he has to support Angel, but that's all he's obligated to do

Stupid Quote of the Day

When asked why she doesn't wear a wedding ring she replied: 'Haven't they ever seen 'Blood Diamond?' All I need is Rick around my finger.'

Boys Just Want To Have Fun

Boy George with sickening pal Rosie O'Donnell

As the Daily News reports, Boy George appeared in a London court yesterday, and was ordered to stand trial for allegedly handcuffing a man to a bed and threatening him with sex toys.

Brit Spends Thanksgiving in Record Store

Britney at Virgin Records yesterday with Sam Lufti

Britney and Sean last week

You’d think that Britney Spears would do something to indicate her interest in spending Thanksgiving with her family. But you’d be wrong.
Britney drove from her Beverly Hills home to her local Virgin Records Store to pick up a CD before heading over to the Four Seasons Hotel. And according to a psychologist’s interview, she’s the new “Michael Jackson.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky told press that Britney’s family past - her father’s substance abuse, and hereditary mental imbalance - have led to her problems. “It’s how her father treated her, it’s the divorce and it’s the genetics.”

Pinsky told press, “At least 60% of addiction is accounted for on the basis of genetics. I’ve never treated an addict that didn’t have a family history of the disease. You have to inherit it from somewhere. We know that she is a drug addict because she’s been admitted to a treatment center. You can’t be admitted unless you’ve met criteria for addiction.

Kelly Osbourne's Sizzlin' New Man

Amy Will Spend Christmas Alone

Amy Winehouse burst into tears in court today as her husband Blake Fielder-Civil was refused bail.

The decision came after an hour-long bail hearing held in private.

The singer smudged her traditional black eye make-up as she wiped away the tears and blew kisses at her husband, repeatedly mouthing "I love you".
Fielder-Civil shook his head and smiled sadly as he was led away.
As he stood to return to his cell, he put his hand against the side of his face and mouthed to his wife: "I'll phone you baby

Reese SaysToo Soon To Jake's Proposal

There’s nothing like a romantic trip to Italy to put your sweetie in the mood to get married. But when Jake Gyllenhaal proposed to Reese Witherspoon on their recent vacation, she turned him down.

While she’s supposedly madly in love with Jake, Reese doesn’t want to get married again anytime soon.

A source told press, “Reese says it is just too soon after her divorce from Ryan to think about marrying again. She is madly in love with Jake, but her divorce just became final, and she doesn’t want to rush into anything.

Obese Jessica

Jessica Simpson has gained 15 pounds in the past few weeks from binge eating late at night. Around bedtime, she's been eating buffalo wings, french fries, and cupcakes non-stop. I'd like to be her kind of obese. She might as well eat, she has nothing else to do!

Nancy Grace Brings Son Home for Thanksgiving

It's a Thanksgiving miracle!

People reports that Nancy Grace has taken one of her twins home from the hospital. 48-year-old Nancy gave birth to John David and Lucy Elizabeth on November 4th. They were about 3 lbs at birth.

Nancy's rep said, "Nancy is thrilled that John David will be home for Thanksgiving. She is praying that Lucy Elizabeth comes home soon, too."

Lucy Elizabeth is expected to be released soon. Nancy and family are hoping to return to New York this December

Nicole Goes to Traffic School

The Alternative Action Program is a substance abuse treatment center, but Nicole was there fulfilling her traffic school obligations for driving down an LA freeway the wrong direction while under the influence.”

Nicole celebrated a Wizard of Oz themed baby shower hosted by Paris Hilton and held at the Beverly Hills hotel over the past weekend

Britney's New Man and Thighs

Britney stopped into Hollywood's Mirabelle restaurant for dinner late last night, and left with waiter Michael Marchand.

The two have been quietly dating for a few weeks and are slowly going public.
A source told US magazine Life & Style weekly: "Michael came in a little after midnight, and she came in right after.

"They were being discreet. Forty-five minutes later, they left the restaurant together. He was charming. He made Britney laugh and looked at her with this secret smile. They left in separate cars."

Life & Style reports in its new issue that Britney instantly fell for Michael when she was at Mirabelle in early November, and since then the pair have swopped texts and shared a "date" at the star's mansion.

Enjoy the pic of Britney's bruising as a result of her recent liposuction

"Supermodel" Helena Christensen

helena today

helena in "happier times"

Louis Vuitton Sues Britney and Wins

Britney Spears got into some serious trouble for using the Vuitton name without permission.

Louis Vuitton filed a suit against the weave wearing singer for showing a pink Vuitton dashboard in her “Do Something” music video. Apparently the Hummer she’s driving in the clip features a “Cherry Blossoms” design that resembles the Vuitton trademark look.

A French court found in favor of the designer, and ordered Sony BMG and MTV Online to cease any broadcasting or showing of the music video. Both parties were also fined $80,000

Crayon Bling

Sean Kingston wore his gigantic crayon box bling on The Today Show in NYC. "Bling" is stupid, but at least it's original. Sean sings the song Beautiful Girls, and may play the role of Notorius BIG in an upcoming story on the rapper's life.

Britney's New Man

Life & Style reports that Brit is dating a waiter/actor named Michael Marchand. She met him while he was waiting tables at Mirabella Restaurant. He was photographed with her last night.

A friend said, “Michael came in a little after midnight, and she came in right after. They were being discreet. Forty-five minutes later, they left the restaurant together. He was charming he made Britney laugh and looked at her with this secret smile. They left in separate cars.”

The friend of Michael's went on to say, “He’s very turned on by her

Posh is Stocked for Thanksgiving

When Posh Spice (nice name) agreed to show Rachel Ray what was in her fridge for Thanksgiving, I was on the edge of my seat. Like this pig face would eat or cook even a morsel of food. She has three kids too, sick. Like that's all she's going to have.

Shocking! Hasselhoff Drunk Again

Hasselhoff made an ass out of himself at the opening of Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas.

Christina Forgets Her Underwear

It's always gross to not wear underwear and then spread your legs as you get out of a car when you know you will be photographed. Hey, this happens to me all the time, and I'm sure it does you too. But when you're 8 months pregnant, it's really gross. What is she doing? I was really tricked into thinking "Oh what a nice pregnant girl." Ick. I'm sparing you the close up shot, but if you're really sick and have to see, it's at I Don't Like You In That Way.

Britney's New Peeps

Britney was forced to take a back seat on a recent trip to Beverly Hills.
She was pictured with her new social worker and driver, while sitting next to one of her boys, but she was not allowed to take the wheel. Party posse! Her new friends are SWEET.

Britney was recently banned from driving her kids after being caught speeding through a red light with her kids in the car. Her driver looks like he's having the time of his life! Let me guess where they are going.. either to a pet store to buy more pets she doesn't take care of, or to Starbucks

"What's Your Name Little Girl, What's Your Name?

The original drummer for the rock band Lynyrd Sknyrd, Thomas Delmer Pyle, aka Artimus Pyle, 59, of Asheville, North Carolina, was booked Monday after he came to the sheriff's office to speak with detectives about a 1993 conviction. Pyle pleaded guilty in 1993 to charges of attempted capital sexual battery by an adult on a victim under the age of 12.

He was arrested, booked, and now sits in jail because he didn't register as a sex offender. I'm sure he's innocent of these charges.. just look at him. Gross
source: tmz

Lourdes To Be in Next HAIRY Potter Movie

I don't think Madonna would let her, but Lourdes Leon, Madonna's eleven year old daughter has been asked to audition for the next HAIRY Potter movie. Lourdes is said to want to be famous just like her mother.

Lindsay and The FAM

Oh, the warmth of sharing holidays with family. Lindsay enjoys some quality time with her repulsive mother, and her SK8R Boy, Riley Giles. He bugs me! I can't believe she still allows him to be part of her really cool posse. When is he going to change his clothes?

Still Trying to "Prove" He's "Not" Gay

What possible proof could anyone have that Tom isn't gay? Is Katie pregnant again from some sort of Scientology injection? Whatever the proof is, I'm not impressed or convinced. But I am dying to know what "friends" Britney has lost! As hard as I try, I can't remember her having any friends no matter how far back I go. Even her real cousin, (Ali is not) Lura lynn Covington, hasn't spoken to her in years.

David Hasselhoff Throws Childish Tantrum

David Hasselhoff has been spotted having a "huge tantrum" over the state of his career.

The 55-year-old star - a judge on US TV show 'America's Got Talent' - was seen berating his agent in a foul-mouthed rant over lunch in the Beverley Hills Hotel's Polo Lounge restaurant on Friday afternoon, before stunning onlookers by storming out.
One fellow diner told the New York Post newspaper: "It was amazing. Everyone could hear that he was in a bad mood and complaining bitterly about the sort of jobs he has been offered lately. Maybe he should move to Germany, he's a smash hit over there!
"The fact that he was having a huge tantrum was bad enough, but when he just got up and stormed out everyone was sitting there open-mouthed

Amy Has Stopped Doing Drugs

Amy Winehouse has stopped using drugs, with the HELP OF PETE DOHERTY, and they are "fighting their demons together." So here is a picture of Amy's nose last night.. with some white stuff hanging out of it. Her husband Blake is still in jail This little girl, named Lucy, had waited for 5 hours to see Amy, and Amy let her hang out backstage with her. I bet that was a real treat..