Random Questions With Stevie Nicks

Which lyric are you most proud of?

That’s hard. Any song of mine that goes out into the world I’m pretty proud of. Hmmm … I’m thinking about a song called “Storms,” off Tusk. “Every night that goes between/I feel a little less/As you slowly go away from me/This is only another test/Every hour of fear I spend/My body tries to cry/Living through each empty night/A deadly call inside.” Those lyrics came out when I was really hurting.

Is it true that Lindsay Lohan will play you in a movie
Lindsay Lohan thinks she is going to play me! But what the hell movie does she think she’s talking about? There is no book, there is no screenplay, there is no movie. There is never going to be a movie made without me, because it’s never going to be the story of me. Even though a lot has been written about me, the fact is nobody actually has a clue to what my life was really like. So good luck, Lindsay.

Do you have a myspace.com page
No I don’t. I think they are evil. Seriously, I think myspace.com has the potential to be a very dangerous site.

CORNY With A Capital "K"

Go home and have your baby. Gross, who wants or needs to see/hear THIS?! Hey, J. Lo.. The Jackson Five called, they want their clothes (and their dance moves!) back.

Letterman Puts Paris on BLAST!

Uncomfortable and fun to watch as Paris struggles not to cry! The last 2 minutes she is SO near tears, and after this, she did break down in tears backstage and was screaming, "I hate him! I'll NEVER come back here!" Ha! Ha! Like he cares! I love how the audience is laughing AT HER the whole time, especially when she TRIES to talk about her new movie.

Drag Queen Brooke

Okay, I know Brooke Hogan isn't fat, so why does she look like a man to me? She borrowed her gross mom's shoes, and she's doing the Lindsay Lohan peace sign thing, which has been stale ever since 1969.

In Honor of my Favorite Holiday

With this being a slow news day, and Halloween approaching, (my personal fave) I thought I'd share one of the finest Halloween moments in television history, as well as the best forgotten scary T.V. Movie. The audience of The Arsenio Hall Show was given a once in a lifetime "treat" when the "real" Jason Voorhees appeared on the show, even though he refused to answer any of Arsenio's questions. The T.V. movie, Dark Night of the Scarecrow was, and still is terrifying, as retarded and lovable Bubba Ritter, (love that name) was forced to hide in his mothers scarecrow or be killed, after being falsely accused of murdering a little girl.

Publicist Found Dead After Threatening Tom Cruise

Publicist David Hans Schmidt, who plead guilty last month to attempting to extort Tom Cruise, was found dead of an apparent suicide in his shower at his Phoenix home on Friday.

Schmidt was under house arrest after pleading guilty to a $1 million extortion fiasco, using Tom Cruise's stolen wedding photos. According to the AP, authorities went to Schmidt's Phoenix home after a tracking device on him had not moved and he hadn't checked in, said police Lt. Anthony Lopez.

Schmidt is also known for an auction of Paris Hilton's diaries, and for representing Olympic scandal skater Tonya Harding and prostitute Divine Brown, who dallied with actor Hugh Grant. More recently, Schmidt said he was involved in Dustin "Screech" Diamond's nasty sex video.

"Blind" Item

This slightly chubby female Top 40 singer has always had whispers surround her about her sexuality. Turns out they are more then whispers. Our singer and her girlfriend are now living together. To make it look more palatable, she also invited another woman to move in so it looks like they are all roommates. Having the third woman move in also makes it easier for our singer to indulge in the pills she loves so much as the third woman is also the singer's dealer.
source: Crazy Days and Nights

Who Wore it Best?

I love Holy Candy

He Can Still "JUMP!"

I am impressed that Eddie Van Halen is still able to jump, and having recently completed rehab, and gotten his teeth fixed, their tour has "kicked off" to a great start. It should last at least a month! But now, I would GIVE ANYTHING to see his fat son Wolfie jump! Please...just once?

Nicole Richie's Pregnant Feet

Crocs for your pregnant feet
Squishy soft resin with a footprint shape fit have also made Crocs one of the most highly OBGYN recommended pregnancy shoe for women who need relief for swelling and sore pregnant feet.

These lovely looking Crocs are recommended for the swelling feet of pregnant women everywhere, but Nicole Richie prefers these shoes for her pregnancy. She also likes the soothing, boiling waters of a jacuzzi while awaiting the birth of her child. UGH.

Lindsay Plans a "Retreat" With Her Dad

I guess Lindsay didn't get my letter I posted a few days ago, begging her to stop making the peace sign. So here she is "in rehab" yesterday, making the peace sign, and planning to take a RETREAT with her dad, Michael. UGH.

He told press, “We’ve still got a lot of catching up to do. I’m looking forward to spending the next week with her. We’ve been in constant phone contact. She’s in a great, great place now. I’ve never heard her so honest, contrite and focused. Lindsay is weeding out all the bad. She’s taking a step back and reevaluating her life. What she tells - her honesty and openness - has brought me to tears. It’s beyond words how proud I am of her.”

She's "weeding out the bad".. ya, because she doesn't have access to her bad, fun, Hollywood friends right now, and everyone knows her dad is such a swell influence.

George Michael : Head Injury Made me a Pop Star

GEORGE MICHAEL says he only became a pop star because he suffered a BANG on the head.

The singer, 44, said that he had been interested in collecting insects until the accident at the age of eight.

After that he swapped his childhood hobby for listening to music.

He said: “It sounds bizarre but my interests changed in six months.

“I was obsessed with insects and creepy crawlies. I used to get up at five in the morning and go to a field behind our garden and collect them. Then I suffered a very hard injury to my head.

“But suddenly all I wanted to know about was music.”

He told KIRSTY YOUNG on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs: “I have a theory that maybe it was something to do with this accident.”

George also sent out a message of support to troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE, saying: “please understand how brilliant you are.”

I still don't get how he went from being hot, gay or not, to looking like this and having sex with old sweaty truckdrivers.

Morning Britney

I'm going to miss Britney when she goes to jail or rehab. Thankfully, we'll have the Willis girls and Lindsay Lohan. Still it won't be the same as our morning Britney pics of her Starbucks outings. I go to Starbucks every morning at 6 a.m., and I can assure you, it's nothing like this.

The Unfortunate Looking Willis Girls

I can't get over how truly hideous these three girls are, So I had to really look at a picture of Bruce and Demi again. Then I realize that Rumer has Bruce's exact face. Demi's face doesn't count, since she's had tons of plastic surgery. Still, why do all three have to be so hard to look at? Rumer is just as terrifying with dark or blonde hair. Scout and Tallulah Belle look like men. You would think at least one of them would look normal. The worst part is, they are just getting started. We are going to be seeing them all doing stupid things for years to come.

Pammy Responds to Kid

Pirate Britney Hits the Clubs Again Last Night, Pretends to Fit In, Wears Underwear!

Anonymous Phone Call to Britney's Mom

An insider has revealed Britney's mother Lynne received an anonymous phone
call last week, tipping her off about Britney's drug taking.

The source revealed: "It was one of Britney's friends saying he'd seen
Britney take four Ecstasy pills in the bedroom of a Hollywood Hills home
during a party on August 11.

"Lynne was also told that Britney has done the drug more recently - and she's
taken Ativan, an anti-anxiety medication, to help her come down because
the Ecstasy was so intense. Lynne put down the phone and froze."

I've never had the pleasure of taking Ecstasy, but I did have the misfortune of taking a half of an Ativan once in the seventies, and I was CRAWLING in slow motion for three long days. Her tolerance must be hardcore. Where are the results of her drug test that we all know she didn't pass?

More Reasons NOT to Use Daycare, or Trust Church Stuff (Like we needed more)

JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. — A 4-month-old boy was found in a dark room at a day care center with a pacifier taped into his mouth, the Tennessee Department of Human Services announced Wednesday.

The department responded Tuesday to an anonymous complaint that a caregiver at Noah's Ark Nursery and Preschool in Jefferson City was taping babies' mouths shut.

Upon arrival, an investigator heard muffled whining from the bathroom and found the another baby's mouth covered with two pieces of two-inch-wide clear packing tape over a pacifier, department spokeswoman Michelle Mowery Johnson said.

The center was served with a suspension order from DHS and was closed Wednesday. A hearing was set for Thursday before an administrative judge.

Nursery owner Kim Trentham, who has run the daycare since 1993, did not answer repeated calls to the center or her home.

"It's absolutely unbelievable that this would happen," Johnson said. "They have no respect or concern for life. The child could have died."

Our Goals: (From The Noah's Ark CHRISTIAN" Daycare)

1.To develop the child's confidence and self-esteem, so they feel good about themselves.

2.To challenge their creativity and curiosity.

3.To teach them respect and kindness, and manners.

4.To teach them about the Love of God and His Love for them.

Britney's Point of View