Take THAT, J. Lo!

Good for Usher! It's about time someone said something about the ridiculous practice of demanding huge sums of cash for a picture of a stupid "celebrity baby", one that we'll eventually HAVE TO SEE anyway. He said:

In no way would I ever pimp out my child for money,” Usher told Page Six. The pop singer - upset by rumors he was trying to sell photos of his infant son, Usher Raymond V, and eager to defend his wife, Tameka, and his upcoming album, “Here I Stand” - wants to set the record straight.

“I am livid that people talk about my child,” Usher told us. In fact, he has posed - for free - with his son for an “incredible” Father’s Day cover for Essence magazine.

Oh Yes She's Real Hot

Jessica Biel a "hottie?" PLEASE, everyone. HOW? Even when she's "made up" she's far from being a "hottie." UGH! Yeah, as hot as Angelina.

Tom Reads The Tattlebuzz

Tom Cruise
When Oprah quizzed the small gay man over rumors that daughter Suri wasn't his biological child, Tom wasn't happy.

"When someone compares your daughter to Rosemary's baby, like I read on a blog I won't name.. - it's one thing to come after me," he said. Tom reads my blog! I think I was the only one to compare Suri to Rosemary's Baby! (Oh, be quiet. Just let me believe it)

Tom Cruise

"Say stuff about me. (Oh, don't worry, we will) But when it comes to my family, my children, that's when I went, 'This is off the chart'."

Cruise also dismissed suggested rumors that
his marriage to Katie Holmes was phony saying:
"That's laughable to me."

Below is a re-posting from February 27th.
I know Tom saw it! So, if I should disappear...

The Sick World of Scientology Exposed

Suri Cruise Is L. Ron Hubbard's Baby

Here is what Andrew Morton says in his new book about Tom Cruise, including that Suri is actually the child of L. Ron Hubbard. Andrew is a very reliable and respected writer, and all big celebs fear him. This is some sick stuff.

#1 Tom Cruise is second in command of the Church of Scientology.

#2 Morton compares Suri to the Devil's child in the film Rosemary's Baby.
#3 Scientology has taken over the 45-year-old actor's life, with its officials selecting the staff at his Hollywood mansion.
#4 Cruise is consulted by Scientology leader David Miscavige on "every aspect of planning and policy" and is tailoring his career to fit the aims of Scientology.
David Miscavige went on Tom and Katie's honeymoon

Miscavige is said in the book to have gone to extraordinary lengths to charm Cruise, even ordering his staff to plant a field full of wild flowers at a Scientology base in California after Cruise had told him of his fantasy to run through a wildflower meadow with his then newlywed wife Nicole Kidman.

The relationship between the two men is so close that, Miscavige even joined him on honeymoon in the Maldives after his wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006.

Morton writes some "fanatical" Scientologists believed Suri Cruise was actually the result of a sperm donation by Scientology's dead founder, L. Ron Hubbard.
I knew it. Morton says that Suri is actually L Ron's child. How sweet is that.

Morton writes that Katie might feel like she was in "the horror movie Rosemary's Baby, in which an unsuspecting young woman is impregnated with the Devil's child".

Rosemary has the Devil's baby

Courtney: Ciggies for Her Strep Throat

Courtney Love checked in to Cedars Sinai at around 3:00 AM Friday morning after allegedly complaining about throat and chest pains. Love's rep confirms she was diagnosed with strep throat and then sent on her way. Courtney then stopped by a gas station on the way home to pick up a pack of smokes and some tabloids.

No Pre-Nup For Hillbilly Casey Joe

"I aint signin' no dang piece a paper that tells me I get nuttin' if you should wanna git ridda ma ass!" Casey Joe shouted at quivering Jamie Lynne.
The neighbors heard, and came running over to see if she needed help. Casey Joe's face was red with fury and contorted with anger as he threw the pre-nup at Jamie Lynne that Mama had insisted he sign.

"An you can tell THAT to yer Mama, cuz I aint signin'! YA HEAR me, gurl?!" and Casey Joe got in his four wheeler and took off through the rugged hills that they call home.

Lynne insists he sign a pre-nup

Casey has quite a temper

In happier news, Britney Jean has talked her dad into letting her travel to Kentwood to attend Jamie Lynne's baby shower tomorrow. Jamie Lynne is having a girl. Oh good, another Spears slut in about 12 years!

Four Minutes of the Biggest Ass Kissing Session You've EVER SEEN

The ass kissing that takes place in Oprah's arrival ALONE makes me sick. Oh, so f**king fake and stomach churning. And Tom pretending to think Oprah looks beautiful. And Kate saying "I love you" over and over to Tom, like her chip malfunctioned! UGH. Kate reveals that they "roast hotdogs." You can tell she's not used to speaking without being told what to say, because she just repeats what Oprah says! (when talking about their driveway: "It's like... nothing I've ever seen before")

Oprah cannot shut up for even a second! She is so afraid of offending the tiny one! I can't believe his house was big enough for both of their ego's! And I love how fast Katie disappears! Teeny probly said "Say hello, bitch, and then get the hell out, I don't want you saying anything stupid!"

Nervous and retarded Oprah says about Tom's kitchen: "It's so... kitchen-like" , then, Tom brags how he looked "all over America" to find his home and when Oprah tells Tom how her "heart palpitated over the beauty of his home, the intensity when he looks over at Oprah and says "Yeah. It's the same for us," gave me a chill! He's clearly not human.

It's The Same Ring

Nick did give Mariah the same ring that he had given to his ex! Nick used to be engaged to Victoria's Secret model, Selita Ebanks. He gave her a ring. She gave it back. He gave it to Mariah Carey.

Gwyneth Doesn't Care About Brad

Gwyneth Paltrow must've been in a bad mood when OK! caught up with her at the L.A. premier for her upcoming film Iron Man on Wednesday. The Oscar winner was asked if she had anything to say to her ex-fiance Brad Pitt as he and his partner, junkie Angelina Jolie are expecting but she was said to have twisted her mouth and said:
"No! Why would I? I couldn't care less!"

Gary Coleman Lists What's Wrong With Him on Divorce Court

Whitney & Bobby's Daughter Attempts Suicide

Whitney Houston's 15 year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina tried to stab her mom during an argument - and then attempted to kill herself by slashing her wrists! The shocking suicide attempt landed Bobbi Kristina in a psychiatric ward in Atlanta, sources said.
Ann Davis
, a family member exclusively told The ENQUIRER, that a few days before Bobbi's 15th birthday party that Kristina "tried to stab Whitney" before turning the razor on herself. Davis confided that part of Kristina's problem is that she doesn't want to live with Whitney."

Quote of the Day

"He makes me laugh like I’ve never laughed. He’s made me feel joy like I never have before." Katie Holmes on her man, Tom Cruise

Brooke Hogan Booed By Angry Crowd

“American Gladiators” host Hulk Hogan bored his studio audience… when he showed them his daughter’s latest music video.

“Boo! Make it stop - please!”

That was the general sentiment of rowdy audience members at the April 13 taping of the NBC show when Brooke’s video played on the jumbo screen during a break.

“We though we’d be entertained by some of the sexy gladiators during breaks in filming, but instead, we got a snooze fest,” grumbled an audience member.

“This horrible music started playing, and then the video of this ‘wannabe Britney’ appeared on the jumbo screen. Everyone in the place looked confused….

“When we realized Hulk was just trying to promote Brooke’s new record, people started shouting, ‘Stop the music, Hulk. Please turn it off!’” said a source. The Hulk did what the angry crowd wanted. but he was mad about it.

Beyonce Pregnant

The pitter patter of big ugly feet?
Beyonce is supposedly pregnant, which is why the rush to suddenly get married. And looks like Paris Wonkey Eye Hilton's career is on fire, as she graced the cover of Short Cuts magazine

Horseface Wears a Nine Dollar Dress

Horseface Parker wore a $9.00 dress to prove you don't need much money to look good

The sun dress, which the actress wore at a recent New York premiere, is one of more than 1,000 items in her Bitten line (as in "bitten by the acting bug") at the retailing phenomenon Steve & Barry.

Britney's Pool Party with Her Sons

Demi Moore Will Cut a Bitch Up!

Demi Moore will be glad when all the press for this movie (What Happens in Vegas) is over. She thinks it's "silly" that Ashton continues to make movies that no one will see, (even though she has made her share!) and hates the time he spends with his young co-stars. She would prefer that he just stay home with her, and is becoming exhausted from watching his every move.

She especially hates the single, flirty Cameron Diaz, and has referred to her as "that acne scarred tramp"

Oh Dear

The last time I went to a new stylist for a highlight, she said You're here for a weave right? and my mind reeled with horror! Then she "explained" how highlights are called weaves, and wigs are called weaves and wtf?? anyway what is this?
liz hurley bald
liz hurley bald

It's Liz Hurley after she had been had been dropped off at her former boyfriend's (Hugh Grant) place by her husband Arun Nayar, 43. She then walked home from Hugh's with a Louis Vuitton suitcase.

You Mean They Allow Tabloids at Gold Base?

“I do know what is being said in the press. This is my family, and I do care about them. The stories are not okay. It eats away at me. Some of the crap that’s out there - it’s really frustrating the amount of shit that’s out there!"... Katie Holmes on what is being said about her and Teeny Tom

Lennon's Killer Obsessed With Lindsay

John Lennon giving Chapman his autograph moments before Chapman gunned him down

Mark David Chapman, who has already served 27 years in jail for murdering Beatle John Lennon, is obsessed with Lindsay Lohan, and has turned his cell into a shrine to Lindsay.
Chapman in prison in 2000

He has been writing to her, begging her to visit him at Attica State Prison in New York. Lindsay played the role of his girlfriend in the movie about Lennon's murder, Chapter 27.

Lindsay in her role as Jude, Chapman's girlfriend, in the movie Chapter 27

Chapman, 52, talks about nothing else but Lindsay. He has been diagnosed as psychotic and denied parole 4 times. He recently said:
"My mental illness is gone."