No Pre-Nup For Hillbilly Casey Joe

"I aint signin' no dang piece a paper that tells me I get nuttin' if you should wanna git ridda ma ass!" Casey Joe shouted at quivering Jamie Lynne.
The neighbors heard, and came running over to see if she needed help. Casey Joe's face was red with fury and contorted with anger as he threw the pre-nup at Jamie Lynne that Mama had insisted he sign.

"An you can tell THAT to yer Mama, cuz I aint signin'! YA HEAR me, gurl?!" and Casey Joe got in his four wheeler and took off through the rugged hills that they call home.

Lynne insists he sign a pre-nup

Casey has quite a temper

In happier news, Britney Jean has talked her dad into letting her travel to Kentwood to attend Jamie Lynne's baby shower tomorrow. Jamie Lynne is having a girl. Oh good, another Spears slut in about 12 years!