This Would Be The Perfect Blockbuster Night Movie For Angelina and Her Kids!

Are we surprised there is a video of Angelina doing heroin? Nope. I've told you guys for months that she does heroin. The funny part is, she admits to doing it in the past. But it's not just "in the past." Why do you think she looks the way she does? Is anyone (maybe some stupid men) falling for this most beautiful woman in the world routine?
Come on, she is a skeleton, never smiles, has gigantic veins popping out everywhere. Hmmm... do you think she might still be using? Just because she adopts orphans doesn't mean she doesn't do heroin.
A videotape from the 90s of Angelina doing heroin is up for sale and the owner wants only $70,000.00. That's reasonable, really.

The key part of the tape is Angelina doing heroin. She says, 'Wow, this is really good smack - not that cheap crap that's been stepped on.' Angelina is seen sniffing white lines from a plate, and then as the drug cooks on tinfoil, she deeply sucks in its smoke through a tube."