The World Breathes a Sigh of Relief As Gary Coleman Decides To Work on His Marriage

Okay, so Gary and Shannon have promised the Judge they will not get a divorce. They have major problems though, and no money to pay their mortgage. Gary won't stop playing with his train set, hates his wife's dogs, and bashes his head into walls on a regular basis. Gary needs to make the rounds on shows like Celebrity Fit Club, etc. They really pay quite well. The angry dwarf said:
"We have physical issues that makes it hard for us to be intimate. Shannon has three dachshunds in the house, so she's busy
with that. "
You know what? I'm a little surprised at myself, but I don't even want to know what those physical issues are.. I don't!

When Judge Toler finally asked them if they consummated their marriage, Gary answered, "'s a little bit complicated."