Rumer is Still Ugly

Yeah, Rumer is one of the most beautiful people in the world. I wonder how that went down, the convo between Bruce Willis and the editor of People. How much did he pay them? Or how did he threaten them?
"My daughter WILL BE one of the 100, yipee kay-ay mutha fucka!"
"I grew up with a mom that most mom's don't look like" the spoiled, snotty fug said. Yes, Rumer, most moms don't spend over half a mill on surgery, and most don't need to. Bad news, you're both still ugly trash. Love the wicked witch boots though, hot. You know the photographer was like "Let's make you look um... mysterious, cover part of your face... no, the bottom part, with your shoulder.. yes, that's good!!" Ha! Ha!

She may think her Walmart campaign is going to make her a sought after star, and she's being compared to her mother, who had $600,000. worth of plastic surgery before she shot this scene for Charlie's Angels. But... sorry, she's still ugly.