I always knew there was some sick, unnatural shit going on between these two. I felt it ever since Brooke peeked in the shower where Daddy Hulk was and squealed with delight to her big brute of a mom, "I saw Daddy's weiner!" Yeah, real normal.

"Here, Brookie, your ass needs some lotion" and just the way he's hovering over her is sick enough!

"Lift up a little..that's right...yes..."

"Your ass tissue is very sensitive, we need to re-apply this every hour"

Then he lingers as he plunges his entire hand deep into her ass crack!! Her reaction is that of someone who is VERY USED TO him touching her this way OMG

"I told you we need to put more on every half hour. Oh. Did I say every hour? Well, uh... it's every half hour."