Britney and Her Dad With Boys Today



GO HOME and eat some pies. Please.

jessica with cute jacket and main gay


Not "cute", not "Punk", on drugs, go away

Brit in 10 years

Just sickening

Angelina's baby bump. BORING. Brad's stupid seventies look

Brad's ridiculous new Starsky and Hutch era weave

Tom: "I'm fat". Katie: "I'm rich." J.Lo: "I'm so god damn sexy" Skeletor: "I'm Ugly"

Really happy Ashton with that haggard old tramp he married

sexiest brows ever

Dakota Fanning is growing up cute

Brit shops Forever 21, wearing a BRA

Britney Seeing Kids Right Now

It’s going on now according to news hitting the wire. Around 9am PT on Saturday, a Dodge truck carrying Sean Preston, 2, and one-year-old Jayden James entered Britney’s gated community, The Summit.According to sources, the visit is scheduled to end at noon. Also inside the house are Brit’s father Jamie, a psychologist, one of Kevin’s bodyguard, the court-ordered monitor, and a lawyer.

Kendra Picks Up Some Swag

The Girls Next Door star and Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson was one of the lucky ones to make her way into the The Silver Spoon Ultimate Gifting Experience for the 80th Annual Academy awards which is being Held at The Kress in Hollywood.

Paris and Nicole "Sister-in-Laws?

Paris is such a BITCH

So Paris is after Benji Madden now, the brother of Joel who is married to Nicole Richie. At a club last night, she was smearing her skank all over Benji. It was over the top and lots of tongue was involved. They hibernated in a corner booth… The entire time, she stroked his arm and rubbed his leg as she whispered in his ear.

Jamie Lynn Doesn't Want Her Baby

16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is in denial about her pregnancy. She’s been wrapping Ace bandages around her stomach to hide her bump; wearing heavy sweatshirts in 70 degree weather, staying out late and continuing to eat junk food. A source tells Star,

A male friend joked at a party that she looked sexier with her new curves, and Jamie Lynn snapped back, ‘Shut up!’ She then turned to another friend and said, ‘I hate my body

Larry Makes Money Off Dannielynn's Crossed Eyes

Dannielynn Hope is about to go under the knife to get her cross-eyed fixed and Larry Birkhead has already promised to not allow cameras in. Page Six reports that Larry has already agreed to let The Insider and Entertainment Tonight into the hospital while DanniHope has her operation. He will reportedly take home $250,000.

Okay, WHO CARES.. Dannielynn's first words, Dannielynn's potty training secrets, UGH. Whoever is stupid enough to watch that CORNY E.T. or The Insider deserves to have to see her entire life unfold. Their narration gives me chills:

"Larry holds Dannielynn's hand, wearing a blue shirt and brown suede jacket as they enter the room where doctors will feverishly work to repair Dannielynn's cross eyes. Dannielynn clutches a pink stuffed kitten as she looks towards the hospital ceiling and seems confused as Larry finishes off his Starbucks that he bought three hours earlier in Santa Monica..." SICKKKKKKK

Is Kate Hudson Having Justin Timberlake's Baby?

Justin Timberlake and Kate Hudson started tongues wagging back in January when they were spotted getting cozy at club Villa in Hollywood. Some reports said that the couple were even caught kissing that night.

Flash forward one month later and we have tons of Kate Hudson pregnancy rumors, Jessica Biel out of the country and another Justin/Kate sighting this time having lunch at a Whole Foods Market in New York

Brad Pitt and Kids Go To Mammoth Mountain Sledding With Some Old Woman

Brad and Shiloh

Brad and Pax

Some bitchy old woman and Shiloh

She Needs to STOP Having Plastic Surgery


The stupidist shoes I've ever seen and of course Gwyneth Paltrow has them. UGH.

Britney Spent 22 Million Dollars in 18 months

Brit loves Target, but Lufti has more expensive tastes

Britney Spears spent 22 million dollars in just a year and a half and has only ratty extensions, a couple of mansions and a bunch of overpriced dented cars in her garage to show for it. Her family is pouring over receipts to see how much of that was bled out without her knowledge by the evil Osama “Sam” Lutfi. The Enquirer also claims that Britney’s family has turned evidence over to the police to show that Lutfi was spending Britney’s money, although she also seems to do a great job of that on her own:
The family charges Lutfi knew she was suffering from a mental illness - and pounced like a vulture.
They say he had access to all of Britney’s credit cards, her ATM card and submitted bills to her business manager for his “services.” He was drugging her the whole time.

Her parents’ call for a criminal investigation was sparked by dad Jamie’s close look at Britney’s finances, says the insider. He was shocked to learn that his daughter had expended a whopping $22 million in the year and a half since her split from ex-husband Kevin Federline…
A one-month American Express card bill for a staggering $225,000 alerted her dad to the massive hemorrhaging of money, revealed the source.

“Several charges on the bill are thought to be Sam’s doing since Britney hasn’t had the card in her possession in months. Sam took control of her finances.”
Among Britney’s expenditures noted in the article include rental cars, sometimes three at a time, and high-end hotel stays. Her house cost $7.2 million, and although she bought it furnished the Enquirer notes that she had it redecorated before Christmas, and that she spent $200,000 on chandeliers alone. She even has one in her garage.

There was a theft at Britney’s house right after she was committed for the second time. Chandeliers were reported missing by her parents as well as jewelry, a flat screen tv, and camera equipment. It is thought that Lutfi did it, as he had the keys to Britney’s place.

This Week's Tabloids

You're Too Late, Lynne

This is so stupid. In an effort to show the world what a strict disciplinarian she is, Lynne Spears has GROUNDED 16 year old PREGNANT Jamie Lynne, for not following the rules when Lynne and Jamie were in California tending to Britney. Lynne specifically told Jamie to NOT HAVE "sleepovers" with her boyfriend Casey, OR, be seen in public with him. Jamie broke both rules! Not only that, she's still drinking and smoking, and told Casey this weekend that he's not the father. It's either Lil' Romeo, Lil' Romeo's FRIEND, or that old Nickelodeon dude. Lynne says Jamie Lynne is grounded because she also was "spotted" at Sonic Drive-In with Casey.

The" Perfect" Faces

Star Magazine decided to create”the perfect face” using celebrity features most often requested by the patients of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Toby Mayer and Richard Fleming. Star writes:

What happens when you combine 007 Daniel Craig’s baby blue eyes, Leonardo DiCaprio’s nose and Matt Damon’s lips?
I say "You get K.D. Lang"

As for the female morph, it’s Katie Holmes’ eyes, Katherine Heigl’s nose, Keira Knightley’s cheeks, Jessica Simpson’s long blonde hair and — not surprisingly — Angelina Jolie’s lips, “People want fullness, they want that pout,” says Dr. Fleming.


He did not get arrested. He received a ticket for possession of marijuana. We are contesting the ticket.”... Snoop Dogg's lawyer

Whiny Little Bitch Nick Doesn't Want to Be At J.C. Penneys

HIS. PAIN. He is SO CORNY! His "smoldering hunk I'm a bad boy but I have a sensitive side so don't hurt me" routine was old a long time ago

Nick Lachey receives some easy cash when he's paid to to show up to events, however, according to a spy for the New York Post Page Six, he was complaining at the JC Penny's launch at Skylight. The source said:
"Nick was complaining the whole time he was there. He started whining, 'When can I get out of here?' and refusing to take photos." That's what he was paid to show up for, and he's lucky that anyone pays him to do anything.

HIS. POSES. "Look, I'm in a dusty pick-up truck. Can you smell my rugged sweat? I'm trying to look deep and insightful, but I just look like a jackass throwing a tantrum" (or, like I have to poop)

"Look at my tatoo! I'm a dangerous rebel"

"Men can feel pain too... look! I'm deeply hurt, yet so masculine.. do you see my tatoo?"

Look how intense my gaze is.. does it frighten you?

Ha! Ha! LIKE THIS BORING LOSER has ANYTHING better to do! Let me guess... he wanted to "watch the game." UGH, you poor thing, Nick. GET OVER YOURSELF, because everyone else on earth has! He's probably still worn out from the Hot Wheels Event he got paid $1,500.00 to go to! Or maybe he's worn out from all the concert tours he had to go on for his blockbuster last album, "SOUL-O" HaHaHahahahah!!!!! Oh, wait.. there was no concert tour, not even one, because they couldn't sell more than 144 tickets, and that was in his HOME TOWN