Jamie Lynn.. Pregnant on Purpose, Y'All!

seems like only yesterday she was a carefree young teen. that's because it was

Jamie Lynn went to Walmart and bought some puppy training pads and then went to the gas station, "showing off" her adorable baby bump. Meanwhile, George Clooney, who I hate because he's always sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong, (comparing himself to Princess Diana, getting beaten up by Fabio... I love that) (See story under Fabio) is talking smack about Jamie Lynn. Hey, it's alright for me to stick my nose in, it's my job. LOL Anyway, some idiot reporter asked Clooney what he thought of Nicole Kidman's pregnancy, (and like that's his business either) and like anyone anywhere cares what that gay freak thinks anyway, and he said "AT LEAST SHE'S NOT 16."

On a side note, because you know I love those, why is she pregnant? Is there really such a thing as an unplanned pregnancy these days? Is there any teenage girl on earth that doesn't know about/ can't get birth control? Of course there isn't! I truly believe that anyone who is pregnant is pregnant because they wanted to be. Unless in extreme cases, of course, like rape. But I mean are you telling me that this pregnancy was accidental? Or did somebody just want to stop working for awhile because they were tired of supporting their entire family?