Blake Overdoses on Heroin OH BOO HOO

Amy Winehouse's jailed husband nearly died after a heroin overdose last night. Too bad he didn't die, what a useless waste of space.

Blake Fielder-Civil was hurried to Pentonville Prison's hospital block, writhing in pain, after guards found him violently vomiting in his cell. GOOD!
Prison officers later discovered that the drug was a toxic hybrid of heroin and other potent chemicals. Blake had shaved his head to "fit in with his cell mates", and was upset over Amy's new man, Blake Wood. Amy's saying Blake 2 is gay, but she probably just made that up.
Blake and six other prisoners were all immediately sick after taking the drug in London's dreaded Pentonville prison. What are they doing having fun in prison anyway, especially solitary confinement? How is he able to continue doing heroin? LOSER.
The scare comes just days after Blake was locked in solitary confinement for failing three random drug tests
Meanwhile, Amyis planning to give Blake one of her Grammys to ease his pain. Great, thenhe can sell it for more heroin, and maybe he'll succeed in killing himself net time.