Okay. I. Can't. Speak.

Prince William Busts a Move With Mystery Blonde

Who's That Girl?

Amy went to the dentist two days in a row. She went from a haggard monster to a playful young girl in a matter of two weeks. I hope she continues to stay in rehab and do well.

Fergie Thinks She's "Just Like Princess Diana"

"People put celebrities on a pedestal and act like they’re perfect. But I’m more like the people’s artist - the same way Diana was ‘the people’s princess’."... meth addict Fergie- LISHUS, who thinks of herself as a royal princess.
OH WOW... Yeah, I see what you mean, exactly.

The Reason Bill Cheats

Repulsive Hillbilly Trash Offers to Grieve For a FEE

Anna Nicole Smith’s so called repulsive excuse for a mother, Virgie Arthur, is proving to be the nauseating trash we knew she was from the first time we layed eyes on her evil, disfigured face. She was excited for the anniversary of Daniel's death so that she could again profit from it, a grandson that she only saw a few times when he was a baby. Apparently, she was sending emails to Entertainment Tonight, offering exclusive rights to her private memorial for Daniel after his death in 2006.

The emails said: "For a FEE, she’ll go to the Bahamas if you want…She would like to visit the grave, and it would make for some emotional pictures, as she would agree to grieve appropriately."

This is the same beastly, greedy, fat, nasty "Grandmother" who had a long time sexual relationship with her own brother, and allowed Anna to be sexually abused by close relatives her entire childhood. During her stomach churning interview with Geraldo, she was grinning like the obscene **nt she is (Sorry but I'm MAD) while talking about what she believes to be Daniel's murder.

Source say that Virgie started hustling right after Daniel died. She started by hawking exclusive access to her own memorial in Mexia for Daniel. She was said to have been hunting media deals within days of her grandson’s death

For Sarah

Boyz II Men playing L.A. last night

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Hungry Bitch Denied Access to a Fashion Show

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe threw a tantrum during New York Fashion Week on Friday night, because she was denied entrance into the Marc Jacobs fashion show. Zoe was seen "screaming and cursing" because she couldn’t get in, and when she tried to fight her way in through the bouncers, but they pushed her back. She is known best for being fired by Nicole Richie, and for eating one asparagus stalk per day.

Brad Renfro Died of Accidental Heroin Overdose

Brad Renfro died from an overdose of heroin that he injected into his body, the LA County coroner concluded.
The coroner determined the death was accidental.

The actor – best-known for starring in 1994's thriller The Client – was found dead January 15 at the age of 25.
Renfro was a past abuser of heroin, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol. He had a stint in rehab and dealt with legal woes.
Before his death, he seemed to have finally turned the corner on his drug problems.

Renfro's roommates let him live with them rent-free to help him stay off drugs and a week before his death he visited his family in Knoxville, Tennessee. "In other years, we had to babysit him," his cousin Jesse Hasek told Us. "This time, he was like, 'I've got it figured out.' It was the happiest I've seen him."

In Knoxville, Renfro glowed about his 4-year-old son, Yamato, who lives in Japan full-time with his mom. (Yamato was "unplanned," Hasek told Us, and his mother is "a friend he had over there.

"The Finger" is SO STALE

Britney's Dad Given More Power

Brit and her dad "in happier times"

Britney's Dad has been given the power to fire her business manager, Howard Grossman, according to newly released court documents. Mr. Spears wanted her manager gone, as he is way too cozy with evil, fat Sam Lufti.

Commissioner Reva Goetz also ordered Grossman to turn over “all documents, records and assets relating to Britney Spears; to James Spears, who is the court-appointed conservator of his daughter and her estate".
The order, released yesterday, came the day after Goetz held an emergency closed-door hearing on a motion brought by the singer’s father and her lawyer Andrew Wallet, who is part of the conservatorship.

Spears’ parents said they feared their daughter’s life was at risk after she was released from a hospital psychiatric ward on Wednesday.

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Takes Her Dog to the Vet

jamie lynn steals britney's fashion ideas

K-Fed Strikes a Fierce Pose at Fashion Week in NYC

J. Lo Still Waiting to Give Birth


So Elegant

Francis Bean Cobain

Francis with mom, Courtney Love, and dad at MTV Awards

Fancis Bean Cobain, 15, was just a year old when her father, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide. She says:
"I get it, I really do," she says, "but at the same time it's creepy. These people are fascinated by me, but I haven't done anything. If you're a big Nirvana fan, a big Hole fan, then I understand why you would want to get to know me, but I'm not my parents, People need to wait until I've done something valid with my life."
TAKE NOTE, Rumer Willis, you hideous freak!

William Shatner Thinks He Sucks

WENN asked William Shatner if he has seen himself in Star Trek and he said, "I never watched Star Trek and I have not even seen any of the Star Trek movies. I don't watch them myself. When I direct and have to look at filmed scenes of myself, I suck." He also added that he does have one regret with all the work he did as Captain Kirk, "I've kept nothing. Given the choice at the time of having a Star Trek suit or a designer suit, I'd have taken a suit. I should have known better."

"Blind Item"

This celebutard/reality female was spotted not, once, not twice, but three times this past week with different aging men who had paid a substantial sum to "spend some time" with her. Considering she hasn't been able to get a new tv gig, this is probably not a bad way for her to make a living

Random Photos For No Reason

Extra boring, (and always angry) Nick Lachey carries a cake in L.A. yesterday

Cher, her daughter Chastity, and Chas's partner

Paris and Britney during their brief lesbian affair

Goldie Hawn at the Berlin Film Festival

ugly Jennifer Aniston

Britney with her (then) brand new breast implants

Whore Hilton unveils her new gigantic shoe line at Macy's with fake tanner smeared all over her arms, and slut bruises all over her elbow

the most sickening fake couple ever pretend to be in love

Nicole Kidman's gigantic baby bump

Jesse Metcalf of Desperate Housewives gets beaten up at a club a few nights ago

Desperate J. Ho tries to be sexy while her husband puts the gay moves on Ricky Martin

Jeff Conaway of Celebrity Rehab goes to dinner at The Ivy wearing a back brace

Jamie Foxx shows off his real hair

Britney with a friend last year at a Baby Phat Fashion Show