Lindsay EN- GAY- GED

Lindsay was at the Dolce and Gabbana party last night in Cannes wearing an en-gay-gment ring

Lindsay danced with P. Doodle at his party

Harry Potter Actor Stabbed to Death

Rob Knox

18 year old RobKnox , who was set to be in the next Harry Potter movie, was stabbed to death outside a bar last night in a fight over a cell phone. A 21 year old man was arrested for murder after being treated for facial injuries at the hospital.
In the new film, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, to be released in November, Rob played Ravenclaw student Marcus Belby.

Amy Cleans Her Apartment

Amy did some spring cleaning of her apartment yesterday

and then signed autographs for fans

Chunky Britney Works Out For Ten Minutes

Britney went to Bally Fitness yesterday, but only worked out for a total of ten minutes. Later, the chunky "poptart" headed out for a night on the town – attending fashion designer Christian Audigier's birthday party at the Petersen Automotive Museum. While there, Brit lounged on a white sofa with a few friends and her dad, watching the festivities which included an impromptu performance by Fergie-lishus and an appearance by deformed freak, Michael Jackson.

Photos from the birthday party

She stayed for 90 minutes, with Daddy Spears making sure she didn't drink or have fun

Pammy's knees are busted, and so is her face

Carnie Wilson is Yummy

Nick Hogan Doesn't Like Jail, Cries To His Mommy, Talks Smack About His "Best Friend"

Nick’s doing really bad. He’s struggling to even form a sentence. They have him in a cell by himself, isolated from the general population, because of threats. He didn’t understand how awful jail really is until now.

TMZ got a hold of several taped phone conversations between Nick Hogan and his family from jail.

In one conversation with his mother, Nick starts blubbering and crying like a baby, because he wants to go outside. He sobs that he doesn't even have a window. Oh dear, now how will I sleep tonight? His mom is a sickening whore, furious that Nick doesn't have a window, and complaining that "Jesus, it was just a car accident..What I notice is that YOU CAN TELL that Linda doesn't care at all! And Hulk thinks he should just be quiet and read "The Secret." AS IF... Oh boo hoo, Nick says he hasn't walked ten feet, well John Graziano will never walk again. " Listen here:

Nick also says that it's unfair he's in jail for a "car accident." He fails to mention the fact that his so-called best friend, John Graziano, is in a permanent vegetative state thanks to him.

Even worse is a conversation Nick had with his daddy about John Graziano. Hulk actually said, "God laid some heavy shit on that kid, I don't know what he was into." Nick responds with, "He was a negative person."

Celine Dion's Son is Scary

Celine Dion has a new hat

and her son is creepy looking


This is Madonna's hotel room in CannesMadonna is boring

More "Lovely, Innocent" Miley Cyrus Photos

Quote of the Day

"I don't want his tranny prostitute infested sperm."

Denise Richards, who has already created two children with Charlie Sheen's tranny prostitute infested sperm, and I'm sure her daughters will appreciate this lovely quote one day.
P.S. Richie Sambora called, he wants his hat back

Cameron Diaz is Bald

Jessica Simpson is a Big Slut

Jessica cheated on Tony Romo with TWO different scumbags, because who else would sleep with the used up tramp? One was Jared Leto,

and the other was the really sickening Zach Braff. Braff is known for being obnoxious, and not being able to get anyone to have sex with him.

But then he saw Jessica, and she is known for being desperate and easy.

Ugly sister Ashlee on her honeymoon

Clint Eastwood is Old

Jodie Foster's Homewrecker Looks Like Michael Jackson

This is the woman who broke up Jodie Foster's 14 year marriage to Cyndy Bernard

She looks like Michael Jackson

Katie Holmes is a Childish Bitch

Katie Holmes may be a gigantic, brainwashed robot, but she can also be a real bitch. According to Nine MSN, KATE has been treating her hired help like they are slaves, and is a terrible slob and a bitch. Kate, who was only known for her role in the lame teen show, Dawson's Creek prior to marrying "the most famous movie star in the world," (HER words), took a drink of Tom's daily smoothie that the housekeeper prepared for him, which contains secret Scientology ingredients, and when Tom asked why it wasn't full, Kate blamed the housekeeper, just to watch her squirm.
Tom and Katie have perfected the "fake" movie kiss

J. Lo is Ugly and a Bad Mother

Is it just me or does Skeletor look more sickly every time we see him? J. Lo's main nanny has left "abruptly" and is planning to "tell her story." Oh I can't wait for this!

Star Jones is Gross

Shania Twain Betrayed By Her Ugly Husband and Her Ugly Friend

Shania Twain's husband left her for this ugly chick who she thought was her friend. People Magazine reports:

As Shania Twain copes with her sudden split with the support of family and friends in her native Canada, sources close to the singer say she is reeling from a double betrayal - not only by her husband of 14 years, music producer Robert "Mutt" Lange, but by a woman she considered a close friend..."Their two families would vacation and spend holidays together," says the source. "Shania considered Marie-Anne one of her best friends."