Owen Chooses Strippers Over Kate

Owen Wilson has had no prob getting over annoying and demanding know-it-all, Kate Hudson. The NY Post reports that:

“He spent 4½ hours at Rick’s Cabaret and was in an upbeat mood,” one spy said. “He watched the Flyers game, drank beer, and when a parade of 75 half-naked girls caught his eye, he asked for dances from several and definitely had a preference for blonds. He tipped at least one with a $100 bill.”

After the club, a big boobed version of Kate “spent some private time” with Owen in a VIP suite.
“If he had any problems, you’d never know it. He didn’t seem upset in the least,” the buxom look-alike told us. “People tell me I look like Kate, and it didn’t bother him at all.”