Brooke's Mental Breakdown, Hulk Running His Mouth

Fox News reports that Brooke Hogan is suffering a mental breakdown. YAWN

This thing where Brooke and her mom keep trying to force their "SEXINESS" on us? NOT WORKING. I've seen transvestites that were far more feminine and attractive

“She’s suffering the worst of all; she just can’t keep it together and has been hit the hardest,” said the source, adding that Brooke is “extremely sensitive” and her emotions are spiraling out of control. Brooke’s relationship with her father was severely strained after his reported infidelity with her former friend made news in February.
While our source said that Nick’s arrest has “brought them a little closer to reconciliation,” it’s not the case for Hulk and his wife, Linda. The estranged couple appeared together at Nick’s hearing on May 9, where Linda even flashed her wedding ring, apparently for the first time since news of the reported affair broke.

Give it up, you're a big, ugly man

“Basically they were trying to put their best foot forward and fake a public image of unity and support for their son,”(which no one believed) our insider said. “ Hulk is a very astute businessman and very good at playing the media — he even admitted in court that their reality show was scripted and not so real after all.”

Hulk can't stop running his mouth about how it was their FAKE REALITY show which caused Nick to drive recklessly, resulting in his friends' vegetative state.

I was offered lots of reality shows when I was making my career comeback against The Rock, but I kept saying no. But years later, it was my daughter’s career and son’s racing career that we were thinking about."We saw the Ashlee Simpson show and Jessica Simpson’s and Lindsay Lohan on the big screen and we just didn’t haven’t a vehicle to compete,” he said. “But I considered it, because this time it was about the Hogan family rather than Hulk Hogan; they all wanted to do it and I tried to warn them about what they were in for. Now look what happened.”

Yeah, look what happened, Hulk. Let's see. You cheated on Linda, got divorced. Yeah, that was the media's fault. Or, maybe the fault of the producers of your TV show. Because the cheater was just a role you were playing. And Nick's had what... 17 speeding tickets and he's 17? So.. the fact that he drives like an asshole, that was part of his 'TV persona," right? STFU, you are all morons.
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