Las Vegas 4 A.M.

Britney Spears and Criss Angel leave Diddy's party at 4 a.m. in Las Vegas last night.

Paris Sues Hallmark

Following a long history of pandering to the public in any way that would generate herself press, it appears that Paris Hilton has decided to try and take control of her image. For her first victim she picked the greeting card company Hallmark, claiming that they invaded her privacy.

John Travolta With Part of his Family

John Travolta and Kelly Preston with their daughter, Ella Blue in NYC. They are never photographed with their son Jett, who is 15. Is it because he is mentally retarded, and very overweight, or because Scientology doesn't allow this? I guess they must pretend he doesn't exist.

Britney Loves Diddy

Britney also partied with P. Diddy at Pure last night. He looks really excited to hang out with her. He's probably holding his breath. It's so cute how she's looking up at him lovingly. It almost makes me feel sorry for her. I will say she looks MUCH better somehow, even with her hideous hair.
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Party Like a Pop Star

Britney partied in Las Vegas at The Hard Rock and FINALLY looked (almost) good after someone else did her make-up.. but.. HER HAIR! It's so disgusting, dirty and gross that there has to be something living in it. Those who have seen her rehearsing say that she will blow everyone away.
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Deeply in Love With a Crusty Corpse

Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has made girlfriend Holly Madison's dreams come true by making his feelings for her public. Madison is one of three blonde bombshells the publisher is currently romancing - but he insists she's his favorite.

In a new interview in American magazine Details, the 81-year-old says, "I love Holly the most. Five or six years ago, she was simply one of seven girlfriends, but... I fell deeply in love with her. She's the relationship that will last the rest of my life."
Ha! Ha! Now that's a flattering statement.. how long will that be? Four days?

The announcement is sure to thrill ridiculous idiot Holly, 27, who revealed Hefner was the love of her life earlier this year.

She told a reporter at the Monte Carlo Television Festival in June, "I want to have kids with Hef in the next year or so and when that happens I just want it to be me and him."
HE'S EIGHTY ONE YEARS OLD. Like they are deeply in love. He eats soup every day at noon and they have to play backgammon every night and watch silent movies. When I was 27, I can guarantee that wouldn't have worked out. AS IF they have ONE SINGLE THING in common. If you watch the show, you can see her obvious hatred and jealousy for Kendra and Bridget too. I don't know why she's wearing dirty pink slippers and I guess I don't care. 81 years old is gross, I don't care if it is HUGH HEFNER, big deal!

Mya Thinks Brit Should Throw Her Wig Into the Crowd

Further proof stars are just like Us: Britney's VMA comeback performance was the hot topic on the red carpet at Fashion Rocks. "I'm curious just like everybody else," Fergie, who is nominated for Female Artist of the Year, tells Us. “Britney always puts on a good show at awards shows, so I'm looking forward to it.” Best New Artist nominee Carrie Underwood agrees, “I think it's going to be good. I don't think Britney will let us down.”

Spears is sure to have a few surprises up her sleeve for Sunday night, but these veteran performers have some ideas to make her performance even more spectacular: “ I would come out rockin'. Let them know, 'I am Britney. I am still here. So don't get it twisted,’” Ciara, who’s “Like a Boy” video is up for the Best Choreography award, tells Us. But it’s Mya (who will be sitting in the audience at the VMAs) who has the most show-stopping suggestion of them all: “I would take my wig off! And then throw it into the audience!

US Magazine

Britney Is In Vegas Rehearsing

Pictured on top is the old Britney (obviously)
All afternoon, everyone's been waiting for Britney to rehearse for her VMA performance. Britney Watch, as you might call it, takes the form of excruciatingly long periods of waiting punctuated by brief bursts of news, even when nothing is actually happening yet. Britney's in the air, Britney's landed, Britney's in the building. There's the anticipation (what will she be like?), the worry (what if she doesn't show?), and the doubt (can she still pull it off?). But if the skeptics saw what a few of us at MTV News were privileged to witness late Friday afternoon (September 7) at the Pearl Concert Theater in the Palms Resort Casino, they would doubt no more.

Britney as a tabloid figure has loomed so large of late, it's hard to imagine that there was a time when it was just Britney the performer. Britney the dancer. Britney the star. And while she wasn't yet at full steam — glimpses of what she used to be and what she could still become were there even in these early rehearsals.

"OK, here we go. Three, two, one, track," a female voice announces over the PA system in the Pearl. Spotlights sweep back and forth, strobes flash, and a silver-gray curtain parts. Spears stands to the side, in jeans and a white tank top that reads "James," hat tipped over her face. The song starts, but she turns her back during the opening line, "It's Britney, bitch," striking a pose of pure attitude.

She's flanked by a few dancers, who at first seem asleep, crouched low, but come awake once Britney drops the "bitch" line. More come out as Britney sings, "Gimme more," until she's got more than a dozen onstage.

With each run-through, a choreographer gives Britney more steps to weave in as she gets more comfortable with the routine — and as she gets more comfortable, that white tank top edges up to expose even more midriff. Her dancers get more suggestive, pulling and pushing and dragging each other across the stage. But Britney remains dominant, treating one like a boy toy, stepping over him, and tossing him aside when she's done with him. That part's easy — a move that takes a little longer to learn is to fall into a column of her dancers, who push her back standing up, like one of those trust exercises you do at camp.

Well she showed up, and she does have an illusionist to help her appear.. talented?

source: MTV News

Really Hard Guessing Game

Clue: She's been wearing this exact pair of fishnets (unwashed for sure) since posing with a bunch of strippers FIVE MONTHS AGO.

There's a Bathroom Floor Waiting for Poor Pete

After the recently published story on the premature deaths of rock stars, Roger Daltrey of The Who (pictured above in top photo) gave the following remarks on Pete Doherty:

“He has a particular talent but I’m not sure he’s comfortable with it. There’s a bathroom floor waiting somewhere for him.

“He seems to have a death wish and that is so incredibly dull – to think that that’s a cool and exciting thing.”

"It’s quite sad, but I don’t think anyone would be startled at this point to hear news that Pete Doherty was found dead on the floor somewhere."

The Evil Spawn From Hell

OMG Don't make eye contact! Seriously this brat is really scary. I feel bad for Shiloh.

Stupid Record Holder

Burger King
Holder: Rodney Jerkins

During work on the Spice Girls’ third album, Forever (2000), roly-poly producer Rodney Jerkins reportedly spent over $300 a day at McDonald’s.
source: blender magazine

Guess Who These Sick Legs Belong To

Blind Item

This singer has never been known as the brightest tool in the shed, but even for her this is disturbing. At an after party last night for Fashion Rocks, this singer tried to buy some coke from a guy who took her money and promised to return right away with the coke. He never came back, so she went looking for him and found him. When she confronted him and demanded her money back, he refused. She then said, "I'm going to go find a cop and tell him you stole my drug money." The guy couldn't stop laughing.
crazy days and nights


Like Zahara needs an $1800.00 Valentino purse.

Timbaland Isn't Feeling Britney

Timbaland doesn't seem to thrilled that Britney Spears is opening up the MTV VMAs this Sunday. Timbaland is one of the executive producers. He spoke to Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM this morning about it.

He seems to think Britney's opening is basically just Red Bull. Yeah, that sums it up. He said, "Just to get the crowd moving. Like you got "Bartender," you got "Shawty," all these hyped songs. I call them crunk songs. I think when they [the audience] show up, you got to give them Red Bull. It's what you hear at the club that gets you going."

When asked about her single "Gimme More" he said, "It's's kinda dull, kinda flatline."

We Will Love You Again Like We Loved You Before

The Grammy Award-winning U.S. vocal group Boyz II Men said its first major label release in five years will be out this fall. Shout out to Sarah!

"American Idol" judge Randy Jackson produced the forthcoming CD, "Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA", which is scheduled for release November 13th.

Says Jackson:

"The mixture of the classic Motown sound and today's R&B soul is what makes this album truly unique."

Highlights on the disc include "Just My Imagination," "Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing," "Mercy Mercy Me," "Tracks of My Tears" and "Got to Be There."

Also included will be a cappella versions of Stevie Wonder's "Ribbon in the Sky" and the group's own, "End of the Road."

"We wanted to pay tribute to an era that had such a major influence on our sound." said Boyz member Shawn Stockman.

"Everything on this record was recorded with all live instruments and working with Randy we were able to capture the feel, vibe and energy of these classic songs." said Wanya Morris.

Says Nate Morris:

"This was pure fun."

source: Hollywood Offender

Britney Left Her Kids Alone

The National Enquirer reports that Britney left her kids alone and screaming for an hour to go to Las Vegas for sex with Criss Angel.

Kevin had left the children - Sean, 23 months, and Jayden, 11 months - with Britney to go to North Carolina to work on a TV Show. But on Friday night, Aug. 24, the singer realized that she needed someone to watch her babies so she could visit Criss in Las Vegas.

Revealed a close source: “She waited till the kids were sleepy and called a service to send a nanny.”

Unbelievably, the source claims that Britney left at least an hour before the nanny arrived. According to the source, the nanny got to the home and was shocked to find “two screaming babies in their cribs.”

The service tried to reach both K-Fed and Britney, says the insider. The source says that Kevin was reached by his lawyer - and went through the roof. And according to the insider, the nanny agency lodged a complaint with Children’s Protective Services.

“Britney says a housekeeper was at the home with the sleeping babies when she left, says the source, “but the nanny says when she arrived no one was watching the boys.”

Guess Who?

Who is the singer who famously shows off her stomach pretending it is all due to exercise , when really her daily diet is booger sugar?

Intelligent Quote of the Day

Paris pretends to read. Ha Ha!

MORON PARIS HILTON is desperate to have a child — and call it LONDON.

The blonde heiress, 26, said: “If I had a child I would name him London.

“I used to have a cat named London. I like the name Paris Jr, too.”

We Both Are So Excited Cause We're Reunited

Michael Lohan is warmly greeted by his daughter Lindsay at her Utah rehab clinic. It is the first time they've seen each other in over two years.

Amy Goes Through Withdrawal

Amy Winehouse takes time from her busy schedule to check her ATM balance. Her dad is trying to get a court order to be in charge of her money to save her from buying drugs. It appears she is actually using the machine to hold herself up.

Breaking News! Britney Poops at the Gas Station

Britney, so fond of using gas station bathrooms! I guess when you take 40-60 Correctols a day, this is just a part of life you must accept. We know she's not trying to avoid photographers, so she must be attempting to shield her delicate sensibilities from the stench of her Taco Bell poop.
The real breaking news is that her ass isn't hanging out.

Get Over Yourself, Bitch. Everyone Else Has.

Who the hell does she think she is? I mean REALLY? Jessica Simpson suddenly looks like a gay man on steroids, and has never had one ounce of talent in anything she has done. Her fame is for not knowing what tunafish is, and having sex with her dad. So.. why did she hog an entire balcony at the W Magazine party for herself? What a bitch!
From Us Weekly:

The party — which was honoring Simpson’s new stylist Britt Bardo — was extremely hot and guests kept retreating to the balcony to cool off and get some fresh air. But after Simpson arrived, publicists cleared out the entire patio for the singer and her posse, angering the crowd and causing most of the guests to leave.

“It was so hot and she got the whole thing just for herself? I am livid,” one eyewitness told Us. Once outside, Simpson, 27, talked mostly to her mane man Ken Paves and danced while publicists fiercely guarded the door and wouldn’t let any other guests on the patio.

The Hideous Tacky Spawn of Bruce & Demi

It's Britney, Bitches!

Thanks to Gilmore from Prettyontheoutside

Failed Celeb Suicide Attempts

Defamer has compiled the celebrity suicide attempt short list, and I thought I'd share it with you.
Halle Berry - admitted to Parade magazine that, distraught over her failed marriage to baseball star David Justice, she tried to end her life by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Drew Carey - after a rough childhood that included sexual molestation by an unknown party and his father's death, the lovable Price is Right host attempted suicide twice in his teen years.

Drew Barrymore - after leaving drug rehab in 1989 at the age of 14, she tried to kill herself, but received treatment and successfully kicked the habit.

Gary Coleman - announced in 1993 that he had tried to commit suicide twice by taking sleeping pills.

Vanilla Ice - in 1994, less than five years from the peak of his success, the depressed rapper twice tried to kill himself.

Thank God Vanilla and Gary survived, or imagine how boring The Surreal Life would have been!

Isn't She Love-A-Lee

I wish I could go more than ten minutes without a new Britney post, but it's just not possible. Here she is looking tanned, toned, and beautiful, ready for her comeback performance in just two days! Oh, and for a bonus, she is flashing her gross underwear again.
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Michael Jackson's New Song

Michael Jackson's new song, "Mama Cita" has been "leaked" on the internet, and it's really not bad. It isn't great, but he's still got a good voice. Okay, time for a Michael/Britney comeback duet. I dont know if any stage is big enough for that much crazy at once but that is truly my dream. I'd tell you where to hear the song if I knew, but you can hear another new song of his called "No Friend of Mine" at RnBMusicBlog.

Today's Really Hard Blind Item

Which actor with a troubled brother might want to deal with some issues of his own? He is constantly drunk on the set of his current film, say spies.