The Girl Who Took Britney's Place Next To Greasy Adnan

Adnan, Britney's ex, ugly, Afghanastan, greasy boyfriend has a new woman in her life, and she is talking!

Amanda Pagel says the two have been dating since Jan of this year:

I fell for him because I was feeling vulnerable after my breakup, like Britney, and he made me feel amazing about myself. He used to call me “Bebe” but I found out recently that’s his pet name for Britney, too, which hurts. “

On what Adnan told her about Britney:

“The first time he came over to my house, I asked about Britney. He swore they were just good friends. He promised they weren’t having sex and he kept reminding me what a hard time Britney had been through. ‘We’re close and I’m supporting her through difficult times,’ he told me. We never went out in public — I thought he was protecting Britney’s feelings. He kept saying, ‘As soon as she’s back on her own feet, we can go public.’ I suspected he might be lying, but I wanted to believe him.”

Ass Patrol

K-Fat is gangsta all the way

The Terminator picks his butt

Jennifer Love's Her Butt
We'd know Brit's butt anywhere

Jen Maniston, who is trying to get Owen Wilson to notice her, challenges Kate Hudson to an ass off... so obvious, desperate and childish

Angelina and Kids Again

Thanks for That

Hilary Clinton reveals (although I don't know why) that she was in the White House at the same time that Bill and Monica Lewinsky were having sex in the Oval Office bathroom.


Madonna, wanting us all to believe her marriage is fine, forces her husband, Guy to take her out in public for the first time in over 2 years

Drew Lachey Threatens to "Bury" Lawrence Brothers After He Was Caught Having Oral Sex!

I hate Dancing With The Stars. BORINGGGGGGG. But this is pretty good. So here goes.
Star magazine is reporting that Drew Lachey and his partner Cheryl Burke hooked up while dancing their corny dances.

Drew, 31, is married to his high school sweetheart and has a child,

while Cheryl, 22, is barely out of high school.
According to “multiple sources” the couple’s affair was obvious and they were bold about it.

“They didn’t go very far to cover it up. Cheryl was constantly draped all over Drew. They held hands, had their legs intertwined and were always touching eachother inappropriately.”

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The sources also contend that Matthew Lawrence, who was Cheryl’s boyfriend at the time, actually walked in on Cheryl and Drew in the act. The act being oral sex. Yuck. Matthew saw them having oral-ness and ran from the room SCREAMING.

Matthew and Cheryl, in "happier times"

I love this next part. Like Drew Lachey is so cool, and so scary.

Later the next day, Drew ran into Matthew and his brother in the parking lot near the tour buses. Drew, obviously fearful of his marriage being destroyed, threatened Matthew. As he was being restrained by some roadies he screamed,

If you talk about this, I’ll bury you Matt! I’ll bury you Joey! I’m serious! I will hurt you!”

(I love how he's having sex with MATT'S GIRLFRIEND and threatening HIM)

Joey and Matthew Lawrence: threatened by Drew, and unable to sleep at night

Wonder if Nick would hurt him too? Or just BORE HIM TO DEATH.

The Lachey Brothers: Gangstas all the way

Get The God Damned Hook

Talk about whoring a kid out. Oh my God, make her stop. Imagine how sick of her they must be in Australia. This kid is creepy. Her mom is even worse.
You are quite the "rapper" too... loved your Trouble in the Jungle rap

Look, I'm real sorry about your dad. Now go AWAY.
Your new clothing line is really hot

I'm sorry, but you're ugly
Don't you have, like, some homework or something?
Does anyone really need a doll of Bindi? WHY?
Save a spot for Bindi in a psych ward near her, I'd say in about 8 years or so
Bindi Irwin


I know you're probly going to be sad, but posting will be light the next few days. I'm moving to a haunted Victorian cottage, and I will be bringing you all your breaking, up to the minute celeb news from there as soon as I get "settled." I will be back as soon as possible. Try this site out, I think you'll like it: Don't forget to come back, I love hearing from you guys. Julie

The Grossest Thing I've Seen in a Long, Long Time

Gross #1: Her saggy, mummified armpit skin
Gross #2: That they are holding hands

England's Britney, Kerry Katona In The Psych Ward
Filming of Kerry Katona's reality TV show
Crazy in Love has been suspended after she checked herself into the Priory after spiraling into depression.

The pregnant mother-of-three fell to pieces after learning about her cab driver husband's affair with a barmaid and more reports of her doing drugs. Currently being treated in the Priory, Kerry is said to be "severely emotional and depressed" which has forced MTV to temporarily halt
filming at the stars home.
kerry katona
Her husband Mark was recorded on tape, saying he was only with Kerry for the money, and that she "wasn't his cup of tea."

kerry katona
A spokesperson for MTV confirms the show is on the back burner until Kerry "gets well." The nut house is the new rehab, the new "club." You are not a real celebrity unless you've done time in the nut bin
The old Kerry
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Ugly Then... And Now, Not Rich or Famous

Winona Ryder Shoplifts Again

What Winona used to look like, before she was completely, irreversibly, insane

Winona Ryder, the pilled up, botoxed, stupid slut was reportedly shopping at CVC Pharmacy yesterday and set off the security alarm. When she was checked by security, it was discovered that she had unpaid items in her possession.

The dumb tramp made headlines in 2002, when she was convicted of shoplifting $6,000 in clothing from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills.


National Enquirer indicates that a CVC store employee told them of the incident. The employee said:

"Winona had a bag of stuff, but she set off the theft alarm when she left the store. When a security guard stopped her, he found make up she had not paid for. When asked about the make up, she said that she didn’t know how it got there. We took unpaid items back and she left the store.”

Winona felt no guilt about shoplifting the last time either! She told Vogue: "I didn't have this tremendous sense of guilt, because I hadn't hurt anyone. Had I physically harmed someone or caused harm to a human being, I think it would have been an entirely different experience."

The Crypt Keeper: No Time To Eat

“I think I’ve lost inches!” Priscilla tells Extra. “You don’t feel like eating. You don’t eat before rehearsals because you can’t. Then when you come out of rehearsals, you don’t feel like eating.

Those gloves make your hands look really your face.

Skim blood please

The Shining Beauty Which Is: Bobby Trendy

Bobby's make-up is so delicate and natural, his skin like that of a rare, porcelain doll

and the fat, trashy, sausage legged Kardashian sluts

Sarah Jessica Defends Her Horse Face

Horse face Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't mind that she has the honor of being named "The World's Ugliest Woman." Yeah, I'm sure it doesn't bother her at all.
She said:
"Do I have big fake boobs, Botox and big lips? No. Do I fit some ideals and standards of some men writing in a men's magazine? Maybe not. Am I really the unsexiest women in the world? Wow!
It's so brutal in a way, so filled with rage and anger. It upset him (Broderick), because it has to do with his judgement too. It's condemnation, it's insane.

What can I do? I guess you can't please all people." (or, any of the people.)

Even though you had plastic surgery, it didn't help!
Bad news, horse face. If you had fake boobs, you'd still look like a horse. If you had botox, you'd still be covered with warts. It's not just the men, the women of this world whole heartedly agree, you are one fug broad. p.s. matthew broderick is a corny ugly dork

Jessica Simpson Loves Sports

Tony Romo's body language tells me that she's embarrassing him. What a big mouthed, corny, obnoxious cow Jessica is. UGH.

Now she needs some affection...ish. He's not interested!

Papa Joe Won't Like This!

Pete Wentz, the true love of Ashlee Simpson tried to...(gasp) commit suicide!
He was in the Best Buy parking lot and took a bunch of Ativan! Then he called his mom, and was slurring his words. Slurring his words? In 1978, my dad gave me a half of an Ativan, and I was reduced to crawling around my apartment for three long, slow motion days. Thank God we didn't lose Pete, for the world is a better place with him in it.

Blind Item

There is the D list reality celebutante who has been in this space before and others, usually accompanied by her friend who is also a celebutante. Anyway, at a party this week and our celebutante sees a guy she has spent some time with in the past. Weekends, nights in hotels after a party. A hookup who usually takes care of her, but someone she really likes. He is an athlete. Football player to be exact. Very good player. Excellent player. Superstar really. Also married. With child/children. Been married a very long time. Went with his wife to this party. Our celebutante didn't know that. Didn't know that when she snuck up behind him this week, and slipped her tongue in his ear, that she would feel a tap on her shoulder, turn around and face the wife. You could see the looks on the faces of all three were in shock, but the only words anyone heard were our celebutante saying, "You're married?" "How long have you been married?" I cannot wait to see that tape
crazy days and nights