Katie: Her Lonely Lunch Date (With herself)

A dazed, expressionless Katie Holmes stumbled into Joans on Third for lunch today, alone. Her body guard had to steady her, and her eyes never left the ground as she held on to doorways and chairs for support. Dressed like an old woman, she was lead to her table, where she seemed confused and lost.

How did she get away from the beady eyes of Teeny's evil mother, Mary Lee? She didn't. Mary Lee's prying eyes are never far away.

She is never allowed out of the sight of her Scientology minders, and sure enough, they were nearby. They stood near her, as she was having a small salad on the outdoor patio. Her eyes remained on her food, their eyes never left her. If she ever tries to escape, she's going to need to eat something more than a salad, because she is weak and wobbly.

She and Tom also fought about how to celebrate Suri's second birthday. He wants a large ceremonial Scientology bash, while she wants something more "normal." But she doesn't get what she wants. Ever. And even if there was anywhere for her to run, she can't. She's too hungry and scared, and brainwashed. Tom has warned her many times that she may go, but Suri will always remain with him. It's in their contract.