New BFF's!

People reports that Mel and Britney are BFF's! They have "hung out" a few times since she checked out of the crazy house.

A source said, "Mel and his wife Robin clearly saw a woman in crisis and wanted to extend themselves in any way possible. There's just a handful of people in the world who understand the kind of intense attention that Britney goes through, and how to raise a family with some semblance of privacy and how to keep one's family intact and out of the limelight." Okay, wait a minute. LIKE MEL and his WIFE are under the same intense scrutiny as Brit! 2. LIKE ZITNEY WANTS to "keep her family out of the limelight!" What a bunch of crap that was. Okay, next.

"Brit and Mel used to live near one another in Malibu, so the source said Mel is just reaching out as a neighbor. He has no agenda." Oh, wait. Of course he does. Everyone in Hollywood has an agenda! claims Mel does have an agenda. He wants Britney's voice! He has asked her to sing at his church. An inside source said, “Apparently, he is trying to get her to start attending his church Church of the Holy Family in Malibu. We heard he asked her to sing at one of the weekly sessions there.” These celebs and their religions. Keep that crazy shit to yourself. Quit recruiting! Enjoy the glory of the light of God, and leave other people alone.