Inside Britney's Crazy House

Welcome to Brit's Crazy House

Britney Spears’ Beverly Hills Home Address:

12094 Summit Cir, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California 90210, USA

Asylum Stats: Cost: $7,495,000 Year Built: 2001 Square Feet: 7,453 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 6 Yearly Property Tax: $34,761 Fun fact: Britney's condition on buying this house was that the owner leave every single thing in it exactly as it was, including all personal items, books, decorations, bedding, etc., even the food in the refrigerator. She wanted the house completely ready to go, like a "family lived in it." It looks exactly like this today.

Where she watches sitcoms

where Brit lays her weave at night

Where Papa Spears makes her eggs

The patio where she is always photographed with her kids