But Will She Show Up?

Watch out, Whit! Your boobs poppin out

Building up his hugely successful mobile-phone business, John Caudwell is able to pay Whitney a staggering 3.4 million dollars to perform for ONE HOUR at a London Charity event. Not only that, she still had the nerve to ask for a bunch of extra stupid stuff.
Diva Whitney has endured a disastrous string of failed public appearances. But she now appears to have conquered her demons and Mr Caudwell, founder of the Phones4U empire, is gambling that her performance will ensure his charity ball is a massive success.

Ms Houston's huge fee – which works out atabout $57,000 a minute – is just the start of her demands for appearing at the glittering May ball, which will raise funds for the Caudwell Children charity.
Oh.dear! Whitney doesn't look too reliable

The 44-year-old singer has also insisted on being provided with an odd assortment of "extras" on the night, including M&M sweets, pulp-free orange juice, camomile tea, and "cranapple" and "crangrape" juices, as well as peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

Her list also includes two full-length mirrors with make-up lights, a dozen hand towels, two fans, pumpernickel and sourdough bagels with cream cheese and four one-litre bottles of American spring water, as well as two large banquet tables, clothing racks, flowers,donuts for her entourage, and 1 large vial of crack, "just in case."

Hugh Hefner Needs To Go Back to Bed.. and Stay There

If we needed absolute proof that Hugh Hefner has completely lost what was left of his 82 year old mind, he wants The Olsen Trolls to pose for Playboy.
After striking out when the twins turned 18, Hugh tried again, hoping they would pose for Playboy's June issue to mark their 22nd birthday.

"Hef thinks the twins are every young man's fantasy," an insider tells Star. I'm not a young man, but has anyone seen them lately? Hugh wanting Lindsay to recreate another Marilyn photo shoot is just as ridiculous. He needs to go back to bed, eat his thin soup and make Holly watch another silent movie because his judgment is obviously long gone

You know, I can understand why they WERE every young mans fantasy. They didn't become ugly in the way of most child stars, where they are cute for a minute then instantly mutated. They made themselves ugly with bad choices. Choices like drugs, not eating, not bathing and washing or BRUSHING their hair, and their horrible homeless hooker rags. They even have bad breath!

I had forgotten how cute they were, and could still be.

Lindsay Hohan Has Standards

You won't believe this, but there are guys that Lindsay Lohan won't have sex with! She actually has standards, which is the shocking news here. No, not moral standards, but she apparently does have an age limit.

Eli Roth, a director, (Hostel) told this story of his encounter with the orange "beauty."

"I was having drinks with a friend at the Beverly Hills Hotel the other night, and Lindsay Lohan walked by our booth with a girlfriend, checking us out. She then went out to the bathroom, turned around, came back and walked by us again, and mumbled to her friend “too old,” and kept walking. Now - she’s absolutely correct, I'm 35 but it was still pretty fu**ing hilarious. Especially since we were in the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel - where the average age is 97

Is There a Freak You Can't Stop Thinking About?

Tell me who it is and I'll do an in depth story on them!

Kelly's Cross Dressing Workout Video

Kelly Osbourne is getting ready to release a FITNESS VIDEO with her cross dressing friends. Yes, that Kelly Osbourne.

She said:
"I don't diet, and I didn't even realize I had lost weight until a dress literally fell off me," Osbourne said. "But recently, for the first time in my life, I actually put on a dress and thought, 'You look beautiful."

"I spent a good 20 minutes looking at myself in the mirror thinking, 'I never, ever thought you would look like this

That's Why He Was a Doobie Brother

The greatest singer in the world, Michael McDonald, talks about how cool he was, back in the day: "I don't want it to sound like I'm bragging about smoking pot, but there was a time when that was a big part of our day. Smoking in the morning was normal.

Rapper Juvenile's Daughter Murdered

Cops in Georgia arrested a 17-year-old boy on Friday and charged him with killing his mother, who was a local sheriff's deputy, and his two small sisters. One of those little girls was the daughter of rapper Juvenile.

Anthony Tyrone Terrell Jr. allegedly gunned down his mother, Gwinnett County Sheriff's Deputy Joy Deleston, 39, and her two daughters, Micaiah, 11, and Jelani, 4.

Jelani was Juvenile's daughter. In 2003, the rapper, whose real name is Terius Gray, was arrested for abandonment of a dependent child after a DNA test determined he was the father.

Terrell, a sophomore at Central Gwinnett High School, has been charged with three counts of murder and three counts of aggravated assault. He is currently being held in the DeKalb County Jail.

A rep from Atlantic Records had no comment

Catching Up With the Lovable Tonya Maxine Harding

A celebrity mostly because of her hideous appearance, Tonya Harding is best known for her involvement in the Nancy Kerrigan knee-clubbing scandal at the 1994 US Olympic figure skating trials.

Nancy was assaulted by a man who Harding and her ex-husband, Jeff Gilooly had hired. We can all still hear Nancy's plaintive cries of "Why? Why? Why?" ringing in our ears.

A trailer-troll from Portland, OR, Tonya wanted to win gold under the glittery lights of the Olympic rink no matter what. Nothing would stop her -- especially not Nancy Kerrigan, the "privileged" skater from Massachusetts. Despite Nancy's injury, both women made it to the Lillehammer games. Nancy placed second, taking home the silver medal. Tonya placed a dismal eighth. Tonya's ex-husband, Jeff Gilooly pleaded guilty to racketeering in connection with the January 1994 attack. Tonya herself was never officially charged, however she later admitted in planning the attack.
Tonya's mugshot

In June she was stripped of her 1994 national championship title and banned from competitive figure skating for life. In September of that year, the world became a better place when her loving husband Gilooly released their porn video from their wedding night. The Tonya Harding/Jeff Gillooly Wedding Night Video Tape that Hans sold to Penthouse in 1994 remains the largest selling video in the history of Penthouse and one of the all time best adult selling videos ever.

What followed in Tanya's life was a slow speed train wreck. You can't take the trailer park out of the girl. Especially when she looks like this!

In 2000, She was booked for domestic violence assault after she hit Darren Silver in the face with a hubcap, leaving him bruised and bloodied, police said.

Police said Harding and Silver, 28, have lived together for about three years.

According to police, Harding and Silver, both of whom appeared intoxicated, began fighting Tuesday night in a barn they use as a garage behind their house. Two men inside the barn told officers Harding threw a hubcap at Silver, hitting him in the face, then began pummeling him with punches.

She participated in FOX's Celebrity Boxing in 2002 (in the company of other "celebrities" such as Todd Bridges Vanilla Ice and Barry Williams aka Greg Brady). Tonya came away victorious after pummeling Paula Jones (of Bill Clinton-affair-having fame).
Now she is a professional boxer.

Tonya Harding called Clark County sheriff's deputies on Sunday to report that four men and a woman had tried to break into her car to steal it and were also trying to stash rifles on the side of her property.

In the police report, the the deputy noted that Harding was "frustrated others can't see the people she sees" and described her as being "very agitated" and "glancing everywhere."

Later the same morning, police received a call from a friend of Harding who told cops Harding was "tweaking out" and "seeing animals.

Tonya Harding got off relatively easy in the Nancy Kerrigan debacle; she was not so lucky in 2003. She was arrested and charged in a drunken driving incident after crashing her pickup truck (of course it was a pickup) into a ditch.
Here is Tanya at her drunk driving arraignment. She's pure perfection! From her neatly rolled bangs to her luxurious brows, she exudes charm and dignity. Her dainty ears and bright, luminous smile are just some of her best features.

Lastly, getting back to her dreams and desires mentioned on her website: What does Tonya dream and desire today?

"It would be having enough money to go hunting and fishing and go to the big four-wheel-drive mud bogs," she says. "And every once in a while put on a really pretty dress and go to dinner at a place like Applebee's or something."

In 2005, Tonya fought in her home with a man she described as her boyfriend, prompting an emergency call by the figure skater-turned-boxer and an arrest of the man.

Christopher Nolan was charged with assault and pleaded not guilty Monday. He told deputies Harding threw him down and bit his finger when he said she had too much to drink on Sunday. The 27-year-old Nolan was ordered to stay away from Harding and to avoid alcohol.
Harding had a small cut over her right eye and an abrasion on her left cheek.

Initially, Harding called 911 and said she was attacked by two masked men who came to her home and assaulted her before she could escape.
Nolan said he and Harding were roommates.

The 34-year-old Harding was banned for life from competitive figure skating after her former husband hired a hitman to club rival Nancy Kerrigan with a baton as Kerrigan left the ice during practice at the 1994 U.S. championships in Detroit.
Her lush brows are to be envied, her soft hair pulled back gently....

When we asked Tonya why she was so bad, she said:

"It's an image that the media has given me as a bad girl, and the only reason they gave me that image is just because of the few things that have gone wrong in my life, and also because I grew up living in a trailer. I moved around 13 different times before I was in fifth grade, not having money, not having a lot of friends. My biological mother made my clothes or bought my clothes from Salvation Army or Goodwill. And so, you know, that's where the bad girl image came from

On May 25, 1995, it was reported that Harding claimed she was being stalked by professional golfers driving a white Lincoln Town Car, resulting in a car chase involving Harding, her ex-husband Gillooly, and the police.

On February 12, 1997, Harding claimed that she was abducted at knife-point outside her home by a bushy-haired man who forced her to drive to a rural area, where she rammed her truck into a tree and escaped by running into the woods. Police found no evidence of an abduction.

On October 16, 1997, Harding reported that her truck had been stolen from a shopping mall parking lot.

On January 6, 2000, six years to the day after the attack on Kerrigan, Harding was in the news again after she lost control of her truck on an icy road and landed in a ditch. She and a male companion then allegedly made threats against a press photographer.