Britney in Trouble Again With Child Welfare, Buys Another Mansion

Britney Spears’ custody battle isn’t even close to being over. This time, child welfare investigators are stepping in.

The Department of Children and Family Services is looking into “multiple child abuse and neglect allegations” against the acne ravaged singer. Yesterday, court documents were released that confirmed the investigatory status.

Meanwhile, enjoy these pics of fashionable Britney out house hunting last night for another mansion that she won't live in.

This week's Us Magazine has poor Britney being "controlled by a creep." It's what she deserves.

"Pursing" Your Lips is REALLY Sexy

Blind Item

Which female singer - who has had the same unlikely nose job as her brother - has a metal brace up her schnoz to keep it from collapsing? The device was noticed by a stylist who had bent down to lace her boots. (Gatecrasher )

Fun Celebrity Demands

Mariah Carey
Cristal champagne. One box of bendy straws. One special attendant to dispose of used chewing gum. Tea service for eight. A Honey Bear pack of honey. Two air purifiers. Puppy. Kittens.

Rolling Stones
HP sauce. Shepherd’s pie. Paintbrushes. Snooker table. TV (capable of showing cricket matches). Toilet (on wheels).

Marilyn Manson
Air-conditioning always on full. Haribo gummi bears. Doritos. Microwave popcorn. Bottle of Absinthe. A bald hooker with no teeth.

A physician. All food to be covered in clear plastic wrap.

Motley Crue
Mayonnaise. Grey Poupon Dijon mustard. Creamy peanut butter. A 12ft-long boa constrictor. A sub-machine gun. Local Alcoholics’ Anonymous meeting schedules.

David Hasselhoff
Life-size cut-out of David Hasselhoff.

Janet Jackson
Chaise lounge. Ten black roses. Male catering staff.

Pepsi products only. Honey Nut Cheerios. Ginger root. A two-man love seat. 78F in dressing room. Toilet scrubbed with disinfectant. No sweets, chocolate or crisps in dressing room.

Barbra Streisand
Rose petals in toilet.

Jennifer Lopez
White flowers. White tablecloths. White curtains. White candles. White couches. Low watt light bulbs. Coffee to be stirred counter-clockwise. Skittles.

P Diddy
204 towels. 20 bars of soap. A bottle of Dom Perignon. Grey Goose vodka. Boom box. Bouquet of white flowers. Cheddar cheese and sour-cream chips. Sweet Tarts. A $300,000 bullet-proof Maybach.

source: celebitchy

Britney's Birthday Basket

Brit gets odor eaters for her fave boots

Lindsay's New Men

Lindsay Lohan shooting some commercial with some really ugly dudes. Nice to see she's "working" again.

Pete's Crotch Covered With Cocaine

Pete's up to his old tricks again. He brought Amy that bag of small hand towels at 4 a.m. and was seen leaving her house with either cocaine or powdered sugar all over his pants.

Britney Begs Kevin to Come Out on her Birthday

Britney Spears wanted ex-husband Kevin Federline to come out and celebrate her birthday on Saturday night but K-Fed was too busy with that pesky “parenting” thing. An insider told Page Six:

“She rang Kevin from Paris Hilton’s cell because she could not find her own. She begged him to come out with her. She got annoyed when Kevin reminded her that one of them needed to be a parent and take care of the boys. Then she hung up on him. Kevin said she was drinking, and disgusted him. Look at her! Who looks THIS GROSS on their 26th birthday?! Nice GLASSES and tacky hooker outfit

Stupid Quote of the Day

"Sometimes people don’t want to believe that me and Nicole are just a young couple having a baby and we’re really excited. We don’t really get to share our lives with people. It’s nice to connect with people on a real level." Joel Madden

I Guess Celebrity Fit Club Didn't Take

Poor Chas Bono, she's gigantic. She really doesn't seem to mind though.

World's Top Supermodel Shows Off Her Ample Curves

Oh Sickkkkkk

Britney is Ugly

and I forgot her birthday yesterday. whoops.

Pete Brings Amy a Giant Bag of White Stuff

that's just a "bag of small hand towels!" LOL!

Pete Doherty paid Amy a visit at four a.m. My.. they stay up late in London.

Doherty and Miss Winehouse, whose relationship is said to be platonic, are working on a duet called You Hurt The Ones You Love. But perhaps music is not the only thing they have in common.
She did not care that she had left a plastic bag filled with a white substance on display in the open boot of her car.

A spokesman for the singer said the bag contained make-up, but later changed his statement to say it was "a bag of small hand towels".

The night before she was seen walking around outside without shoes or a shirt, asking builders for cigarettes.

Perfect Pair

There were stories last week that Lindsay Lohan was texting Heath Ledger while she was in NYC over the Thanksgiving holiday. New Weekly Magazine claims they were doing much more than texting. They say Heath and Lindsay were having dirty stinky drug sex all night long.

A source said, "Lindsay and Heath hit it off straight away. When she left the club she started texting him straight away and they hooked up a few times while she was still in New York. They were meeting late at night for sex. It was purely physical." This was before Lindsay broke it off with Riley Giles.

Okay, So I Lied. Just One More.

Alicia Silverstone Ugly With, or Without Make-Up

Blind Item

What you have here is a marriage between a female top 40 singer and another singer. They have made some visits to this space in the past. Mix this very strange married couple with an A list television star on a very hit dramedy. He is also no stranger to this space. So our A list actor starts hitting on the female singer right in front of the husband, behind the husband, around the husband. Everywhere. The husband has grown to being ignored and abused by his own wife so this is nothing new. What was shocking though was that apparently our female singer who dislikes men with a passion, finally had enough of the actor hitting on her and just reared back and kicked him right in the balls. No mincing words. She got him really good. Not quite, drop on the ground and call for mommy good, but close. Makes you wonder how many times the husband has suffered the same type of fate.
source: crazydaysandnights

Bonus! Close-Up of Britney's Hairy, Crusty Armpit

Last Two, I Promise

Paris & Britney Nearly "Came to Blows!"

Brit has the time of her life at her birthday bash!

Back to Britney’s birthday, according to recent reports, Britney was less impressed about Paris stealing her spotlight on Saturday night. An onlooker told press: “Paris drank in the attention. Posing for the camera and eating it up.” (I can't imagine!)

A source told the Daily Mirror that at one point, bodyguards had to pull the two apart, telling: “They were shouting at each other - it nearly ended in a punch-up.” (Now THAT I would like to see)

Despite the arguing, Paris found herself invited to the close-knit after-party held at the Four Seasons, with an insider explaining, “It was just one of those things that happen on nights out. There was no hard feelings, just drunken silliness

Brit sure did look pretty on her birthday! Nice aviators and dead animal jacket! I like Britney's tight circle of friends. Her new court appointed monitors seem to have a real warm relationship with her and the boys. She doesn't acknowledge their presence at all! Now that she can't treat her sons to riding around in her backseat, the only way she knows how to show her love is by walking around while her monitors push the boys in a wagon.. memories to last a lifetime!

J. Lo's Face is Frozen in Stupidity

It is hard to deny the smoldering sexuality of Skeletor

Is it safe to have your face pumped full of botox when you're pregnant? Hey, J. Lo? You're not sexy, and haven't been for... oh, sorry, you were never sexy. Your facial expressions that you no longer have because you can't move your face aren't sexy either. You're trying way too hard when you should be at home with your feet up while Skeletor fixes you a deluxe burrito. Please, J. Lo. Go home and give birth quietly, away from the spotlight. No one cares, honey.

How I Shall Miss Thee, Tiny Man

Nothing like a deeply intense farewell between a tiny gay man and his child bride. Even the bodyguard has to laugh, as teeny Tom gently fondles Katie's thumb with his child like hand in a gesture of pure devotion.

Such Sweet Memories

From my friends over at Cityrag, some mouth watering photos of tempting school lunches. Who doesn't have fond memories of their school lunchroom, scented by the fragrant aroma of beefburgers and farts? When the warty old lunchlady would yell "CHOICE!" at me, and my choice was a giant spoon of peas or slimy carrots, I would bolt from the line, only to be chased around the lunchroom by her. When we would go to empty our trays, there was this gigantic freak who stood by the trash with his tray out, asking for our food. He had bad breath and his name was Mooch. By the tenth grade, we all went to Hardees for lunch. But, sadly, I was banned from the lunchroom by this time, for changing the upcoming menus on the chalkboard.

Hang in There

I know many of you "count on me" to bring you the latest sick news on your fave stars, as well as the most hideous pictures of them. Ha! Ha! Anyway, you may have noticed that my reporting has been a little lame lately, and I have heard some complaints. Well, there is a reason. I don't want to bore you, but it never stopped me before, so here goes.

I'm in the process of having a huge estate sale and then moving to one of the coolest places on earth. If any of you could possibly care, and are curious, please visit my blog The Wild Side Cafe at

and look at the two posts on Bisbee. I will be back and better than ever after the first of the year, so don't forget about me. But I need to move and get settled, and for now, I should still be posting for another week. Thanks to all of you for your comments and support, and have a great Christmas. Julie

Valeene Ewing.. Then and Now. Yum.

Okay, I'm just going to admit it. I was a big fan of Knots Landing back in the eighties. I always did hate Joan Van Ark though, and only started watching it when Alec Baldwin came on board as Joshua, the psychotic preacher. Anyway, Joan, (Val-EENE') was a freak then, and wow, she's an even bigger freak now! I guess she actually thinks she's cool too, and considers herself a big star. Aren't you glad you have me to bring you this delightful then and now pic of her in all of her mutated glory?

Amy Wanders the Streets Half Naked and Sobbing at 5 AM, TEN Degrees Outside

Amy's teeth are falling out at the rate of 1-2 per day!

Amy Winehouse is doing "more drugs than ever," according to her frightened parents and mother-in-law. Last night she was photographed sobbing in the streets of London, half naked and not making sense. I like how people take pics of her but no one helps her. She is also rapidly losing her teeth. She is even worse off now that her husband is in jail, and not getting out anytime soon.