Britney Down To Last Forty Million

Once estimated to be worth $100 million by Forbes, and the 12th richest female entertainer in the world, Britney has fallen on hard times and is now worth a mere $40 million. Radar Online has a summary of Britney Spears’ expenses which total a whopping $60 million a year.

* Shopping: $192,000 a year
* Monthly clothing budget: $16,000
* Vacations: $1.2 million yearly
* Starbucks & Rite Aid: $56,000 yr.
* She also blows about $102,000 a month jetting off to places like Hawaii
* Alimony: $15,000 a month
* Doctors: $86,000 a month
* Health insurance and other medical expenses: $1 million
Does her Dr. bill seem high? Remember the recent blind item about the hiv+ singer

Amy Still Hangin' With "Gay" Blake

Amy is going to move into the Osbourne's guest cottage. She's still hanging around with Blake, and saying he is gay, but that's why he's so much fun. He loves shopping, gossip, and will carry her purse. He was introduced to her by The Osbournes. Blake (Wood) is a photographer, and he doesn't touch drugs.

Guess The Adorable Celeb Baby

Christina Aguilera's Hubby is Fat

Talk About STALE

Him and his shirts. Seriously, WHO wears these?

Paris Has Gigantic Man Hands

Jamie Lynn Gits Ed-YEE-KATED

The Greatest Singer in the World Goes to The Lion King

Celine Dion and manager husband Rene Angelil take their son Rene Charles, 7, to see a performance of The Lion King at the Monte Casino in Johannesburg, South Africa on Saturday.

You already know what I'm thinking about Rene Charles, so I won't even say it, because you're thinking the same thing.

Britney Has Been Diagnosed With Schizophrenia

Both Star and The National Enquirer reported this week that Britney was also diagnosed with schizophrenia along with bipolar disorder.
Britney has also been trying to run away from the bodyguard that her father hired several times.

An enraged Britney got into a violent brawl with her new bodyguard as she made a desperate attempt to escape from her home - and her father’s control.

With her dad Jamie and the bodyguard in hot pursuit, Britney made it only two houses down the street in her exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood before the bodyguard caught up with her.

“She was screaming at both men at the top of her lungs,” said a source. “Britney was in a rage, cursing them as she was dragged and carried back to the house…”

After a recent dance rehearsal, she begged her bodyguard not to take her straight home. When he refused, she began screaming and tried to jump out of the car at a red light, but he hit the gas and began moving before she could flee, said the source.
She again tried to make a run for it as the car stopped in front of the gate to her community.
“Britney was irate,” said the source. “As the gate was opening, she jumped into the front seat and opened the door.”
But Britney changed her mind when a photographer pulled alongside the car, and the bodyguard took her straight to the house.

The Enquirer also reports that Lynn doesn’t approve of the tough love that Jamie is showing their daughter, and that she would rather take her back to Louisiana. Along with Sam Lutfi, Britney’s “cousin” Alli Sims, (not her real cousin) has also been shut out of her life. Alli has been hanging out with Lutfi, and that’s enough to show that she’s a bad influence on her.

Britney has bipolar disorder and was diagnosed with schizophrenia too. She can’t care of herself and her father is trying to make sure she’s ok and is able to stay at home and go on occasional outings

Before Britney Left The Nutbin, She Made Herself a Mapquest, Y'All

Click on map to make bigger

Is This Something We Really Need To See?

Open a Winder

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One Year Ago Today

Meet Kerry Katona

I had fun researching Kerry, who is called Britian's Britney. She was in a band called Atomic Kitten, they had 3 Number One songs in a year. She got pregnant and left the band in 2001.

Atomic Kitten. Kerry is on the right. She admits she did not sing in the band, she only moved her lips.

Kerry in the middle

She does drugs, drinks and smokes throughout all four of her pregnancies. She marries losers, has stains on her clothes, dyed her hair, got fat, buys expensive cars for no reason, and lost custody of her kids. When her mom called her a drug addict, she sold the home she bought her. She claims she's bipolar, sleeps with anyone, and gets tatoos. Her mother-in-law even beat her up! We might as well get to know her, as she is about to have a reality show here on MTV called Crazy in Love
She smokes and drinks while pregnant

She has often admitted to having head lice

She is good friends with David Gest, thinks he is brilliant, and says she loves him

She buys ferraris and lamborghinis to cheer herself up

She hates her mom, saying: "She's an evil coke addict, and I don't want my girls around her."
Her mom said Kerry was an unfit mother and drug addict, so Kerry sold the home she had purchased for her mom, making her homeless.
Kerry sent her mum a cruel text on Christmas Day "I'm selling your house" And she did.

"Now I have to remove her, like other bad influences, from my life,” she said.

Kerry never knew her father. She grew up in foster homes, after repeated incidents like this one: "Some of Mum’s boyfriends used to beat the crap out of her and me. One night, a row started. This particular bloke slapped Mum and i saw blood spurting from her. She screamed and then he turned on me. I saw the flash of a knife blade and I thought he was going to kill me."

She is a long time cocaine user, often in public
She insists she has been clean for three years, but has refused to take a drug test to regain custody of her children

Westlife. Can you say GAY? Brian is second from left

Her 1st marriage was to boy band Westlife singer Bryan McFadden, as they were expecting a baby, due the day before her 21st birthday.

He cheated on her with a stripper on their wedding night

She forgave him, and had Lilly Sue

She went from being named celebrity mom of the year in 2005 to losing custody of her girls in 2006

McFadden was named dad of the year, beating out David Beckham

In her divorce from Brian, poor Kerry only got $140,000, instead of 2 million because he had spent all his money on gambling and cars, and his solo career was a major flop

She then married an ugly cab driver, Mark Croft.

He confiscated Kerry's cell phone,and loved that everyone who wanted to talk to her had to go through him, and he has boasted to pals 'she's my property now'."
When asked what he was most looking forward to about being married to Kerry, Mark replied: "She'll be legally my bitch!"

She cheated with this guy and blamed it on her bipolar disorder

She forgave the cab driver for cheating on her with two different women. But first she threw him out of the house for 3 days, setting his clothes on fire.
The troubled singer allowed the cab driver to come back to their 2.4 million home

the police are always at her house

Kerry and her baby daughter were held captive at their home by three armed burglars.
The 26-year-old singer, her husband Mark Croft, 36, and five-month-old daughter Heidi were attacked at around midnight at their home in Wilmslow, Cheshire.
The masked gang, armed with a sledgehammer, crowbar and large kitchen knife, held Ms Katona and her daughter in a downstairs room.
The robbers escaped with their blue BMW, later, police said she made this up.

She won the show, "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here!" in 2004

kerry recently after being in the salon for a five hour makeover

Kerry and her cab driver husband, in London just yesterday

BONUS! Kerry's mother-in-law beats her up!
Kerry Katona released statements recently about a brawl between her and her mother-in-law on New Year's Eve.The former Atomic Kitten claims her mother-in-law attacked her but Mom certainly has a different story.

Kerry's side
:"I had nearly miscarried this child early in my pregnancy and I'm still terrified of losing it. The midwife found the heartbeat, but I haven't felt the baby move since that night and I can't stop worrying.
"My mum-in-law smacked me full force across the face and I fell. God knows how I didn't hit my bump. When I got up I had a bright red palm print on my face and I shouted for Mark and told him "Your Mum just hit me."
"He went ballistic and asked her what the hell she was doing hitting a pregnant woman. But Marilyn just said it was my fault and went to bed."

Katona's Mother-in-law's Side
“I have to speak out. Kerry is five months’ pregnant with my new grandchild—yet she was roaring drunk on vodka and smoking like a chimney. Her baby daughter Heidi was still up at midnight being passed around like a parcel in a smoke-filled room when she should have been in bed.

Marilyn - frightened for the safety of her grandchildren also revealed how she found cocaine in Katona’s toilet while she was pregnant with Heidi.

She told how Kerry invited an MTV camera crew into her home for Christmas against husband Mark’s wishes just so she can keep the sham going that she’s a caring mum.
"Kerry has been puffing away on menthol cigs during her whole pregnancy. I've seen powder on her nose. So I tried to smack some sense into her
Kerry gets a tatoo on her neck this week

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