Britney's Boyfriend Accused of Assault

Britney's boyfriend,Adnan Ghalib has been accused of assault, and was questioned by police in Los Angeles yesterday.
He was walking along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with two unidentified girls when a photographer stopped to take his picture. Not wanting Britney to see him with these girls, he said: :

"Do you know who I am? You are nobody! Don't make me angry!"
He then had a fight with the paparazzo, whose camera equipment was damaged in the process.
He called the police, who arrived on the scene within minutes to question Ghalib and the alleged victim.

The incident wasn't a good move for Adnan as only hours earlier Britney's protective father Jamie lifted his boyfriend ban and he was finally allowed visit the troubled singer.
He arrived at her house in The Summit gated community early yesterday and spent a couple of hours with her.

A source said: "Britney has been begging to see Adnan for days now and Jamie finally agreed to let him visit the house. But it was supervised and he only stayed for a couple of hours