Britney Wants Arnold To Help Her

Britney's latest litany of legal problems have prompted her to reach out to Caliornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She can't get a lawyer, no one wants her! When Britney was checking into the Beverly Hills Hotel she ran into Arnold’s wife, Maria Shriver, and they had a brief conversation. Somehow this meeting has put the idea in Britney’s head that Arnold can help her. The source, whom the New York Daily News claims has firsthand knowledge of the conversation, revealed that Sam Lufti got on the phone and told Arnold that Britney's civil rights have been violated and wants Arnold to help her get an attorney.

Sam's on-phone demeanor was less than impressive. "Sam was chewing on his dinner while he was saying all this into the phone," said the source. Also, he refused to give out Britney's phone number because of confidentiality reasons. "He wanted Schwarzenegger to call him, and he said he'd hand Britney the phone," the spy laughingly revealed