Paul's Wife Thinks She's An Attorney, Signs His Autographs

A gold digger and porn slut, Heather smirks because she thinks she's an attorney now

One legged egomaniac Heather Mills arrived in a bizarre black velvet pinstriped suit put Paul McCartney on blast for snubbing a fan who asked him to sign an album as he made his way into the Royal Courts of Justice.
The former Beatle, 65, refused to give his autograph, saying: "I cannot sign that here." Let me say I think The Beatles are HIGHLY OVERRATED. WHO CARES! Get over them. Paul is an idiot for not getting a pre-nup, but he was in love.

Ms Mills, 40, blasted her estranged husband's behavior as she chatted to the fan, named Joe, outside Court 34.
The court has ruled that "One Leg" cannot ask Paul about claims that he stabbed her with a broken glass.

She told the fan: "You should have told him that it's his fans who made him rich and famous. You put him where he is."
Mills then autographed the fan's notebook, writing: "To Joe, lots of love, Heather Mills." Like he wanted HER AUTOGRAPH!
Heather, who is representing herself, is set to cross-examine her estranged husband for the first time today.

The fan said : "I'm a lifelong fan of Sir Paul and the Beatles. I brought down my collection, the White Album, Abbey Road and the others, so he would sign them.
"I'm so disappointed that he wouldn't. I don't understand. He just said: "I can't sign that here."
"Heather was really nice about it. She signed my book and said I should tell him that it's fans like me who made him rich and famous. I guess she's right