Secret Convo in the Woods

"There's this fake pee you can buy now.. I've got an extra bottle, and I'll give it to you. Just loan me enough for one more eight ball."

Britney Doesn't Care About Her Kids, But Don't Ruin Her Paint Job!

You can take her kids away and she looks like she won the damn lottery! But don't throw a cappuccino on her Mercedes! As Britney waited in her car at Starbucks, some woman was nearly trampled by the paparazzi just trying to get to her car, so the angry woman threw the coffee at Brit's car while she screamed, "I'm famous! I'm famous!". Then the police came and threw the woman down and arrested her and a photographer. All Britney said was, "Whose gonna wash my car off, y'all?"

Lynne Ears.. I Mean Spears Reunites With Her Daughter (Maybe)

Lynne Spears reportedly did come out from Kentwood, LA to be with Britney Spears during this "difficult" time. Lynne arrived in L.A. late last night. Lynne and daughter, Jamie Lynne, went to Brit's house around 3 in the morning. No word yet whether Brit answered the gate.

Vintage & Recent Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey seems so happy (Painting! Ice-hockey lessons! Building a greenhouse so he can grow all his own food!) that he's pretty persuasive when he says his career's mini-meltdown last year was a blessing.

Stripper Heather and Brit's Biggest Fan to Be Roomates

Rock of Love loser, Heather Chadwell, told the NY Post that she's planning to move to Los Angeles once her Las Vegas house sells. The 32-year-old stripper says she's no longer stripping and is move to L.A. to pursue a career in show business.
Heather said she's going to rent a house in L.A. with two of her Rock of Love co-stars, Brandi C and Kristia. She's also going to live with Chrissy Crocker!

She said, "He's very flamboyant and he's controversial which is awesome . . . I think a reality show with the four of us in L.A. would be a great idea." OH. MY. GOD.

Catching Up With Karla, One of My Favorite Evil Killers

Child rapist, torturer and serial killer, Karla Homolka, has been released from prison after serving only 12 years for the murders of three teenage girls, including her 15-year-old sister, Tammy -- who she offered to her husband, Paul Bernardo, as a gift. It was Christmas Eve, and he wanted to rape her sister. She was okay with that, and stole some stuff from the Vet clinic she worked at to knock her out.

At first, there was some sympathy for Karla because she had been badly beaten and abused over a long period of time. But while she was serving her light twelve year sentence for the brutal torture, rape, and murder of these three young girls, video tapes of the crimes were discovered hidden in a house someone had just bought. The tapes showed Karla CLEARLY ENJOYING the rapes and torture. Though her husband was already a long time rapist before he met Karla, he had never killed anyone. Many believe that she was the true killer, as his sexual assaults filled her with a violent and jealous rage.

The first three photos are her victims, sister Tammy, Kristen French, who was abducted in a church parkinglot trying to give them directions, and Leslie Mahaffey, who was 14 and locked out of her house when she met Paul lurking in a bush.

In the playful "pool" photo, the killers, Paul Bernardo and Karla are on their honeymoon, "clowning around", less than TWO WEEKS after they murdered Kristen French. Karla has been free for almost two years, and has changed her name, gotten married, and had a son. Paul Bernardo is still in prison, and continuing his LIFE LONG OBSESSION with the "rapper" Vanilla Ice. I'm not kidding.

Karla gave one interview when she was released, saying that she was looking forward to having an iced cappucino, and that her parents had a beautiful relationship with her, even though she murdered her sister in their basement on Christmas Eve.


Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are getting married in Las Vegas today. They both look overjoyed over their upcoming nuptials. What LOSERS. This should last all of two weeks. Actually, as soon as they make their "honeymoon sex tape", then they'll get divorced. Rick "SHOT TO STARDOM" by filming Tanya Hardings honeymoon sex, and later, sex with a (then unknown) Paris Hilton. He's REALLY COOL. He dresses so nice too.

New Starbucks Drink

Ingredients: Coffee, Whole Milk, Sugar, Whipped Cream, Cheetos, Tic-Tacs, Gum, Red Bull, some suspicious white powder, and Pure Grain Alcohol.

Courtney Love Has A Hairy Face

With all the plastic surgeries that Courtney has been having, you'd think she could spring for some proactive solution for her acne and some electrolysis for her thick facial hair, gross.

J. Lo Is Having Twins

Brad Pitt Films His New Movie

Who is Taking Their Baby For a Walk?

Sara Gilbert of Roseanne

That Scary Old Woman is Still Watching Ashton & Cameron!

Celebrity Kids

These are the kids of a popular ageless rock star, Guess who?

Alyssa Milano Has Gross Hairy Arms

Here They Come To Save The Day

Jamie Lynn and Lynne Spears arrived in Los Angeles yesterday from Kentwood, LA. They are reportedly here in another attempt to rescue Britney's from herself. Good luck girls, this won't be easy. Especially since she won't answer the gate when you show up.

Lynne is also in Los Angeles to meet with an attorney to try to gain custody of Britney's sons.
Now I see where Britney and Sean got their horrible ears from.

Vacant Eyed Katie Holmes Goes Shopping (Again)

Katie Holmes shops every day, all day long. Here she is shopping yesterday in Germany where Tom is filming that nazi movie. She looks like she's having the time of her life, doesn't she? Being "married" to a gay man who controls your every move must not be so much fun, no matter how much money you get to spend.

Jessica Does Charity

Jessica Simpson looks gorgeous. There. I never thought I'd say it. But the way her tongue sticks out a little when she posed for that cheesy pic with Papa Joe kinda ruins it for me. Last night she was at a charity event in Beverly Hills for Operation Smile, a charity for kids with facial deformities. She still has no talent, and a sickening and annoying personality but she really looked beautiful.

Madonna Wears Hideous Clothes and Looks Like a Man

Lindsay to Start Work on Another Terrible Movie

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Lindsay Lohan will not be studying abroad as her crackhead mother said last week, or that she will be "leaving the evils of Hollywood behind her."

What's up next for the the little tramp? She's headed back to work. Lohan will begin filming the tango-themed movie, "Dare to Love Me," on October 15 in Los Angeles.

image: thatotherblog

Today's Look-A-Likes

The World's First Face Transplant

Photos show Isabelle before attack, right after her surgery, and today.
Six months on, in November 2005, the French mother-of-two became the world's first ever partial face transplant patient, and doctors placed yet another mirror in front of her and introduced Isabelle to her new face - a face which formerly belonged to a suicide victim.

"You cannot forget someone you see in the mirror every day," says Isabelle in her diary, which is published this week.

"I cannot forget her. I cannot and I will not. She exists in me."

The "she" is Maryline St Aubert, a 46-year-old teacher left brain dead after hanging herself.
For the first time, the 40-year-old has told the story of how her beloved dog ripped her face to shreds and how surgeons made medical history by partially transplanting a new one on to her.A degree of mystery still surrounds the attack in May 2005, of northern France, with only her Labrador crossbreed, Tania, for company.

Last year she admitted she was depressed and had taken medication to help her sleep. She became ill and collapsed, and while she was unconscious her beloved pet attacked her, causing facial injuries of almost unimaginable horror.

Astonishingly - perhaps thanks to shock or the amount of drugs she had taken - when she came round, she had no idea what had happened to her.

"When I woke up I tried to light a cigarette and I could not understand why I couldn't put the cigarette between my lips - it was then that I saw a pool of blood and the dog beside it.

"I went to look at myself in the mirror, and there I could not believe what I saw - it was horrible.

source: Daily Mail

Crazy Chick Throws Coffee on Brit's Car, Brit May Be Running Out of Money

Britney tries to "update her look" with some stylish hickies while "out and about" with equally disgusting J.R. Rotem.

So, after Britney and gross J.R. bought Brit some grungy clothes, she went to Starbucks, where Some crazy woman decided she needed some attention and started yelling at the paparazzi surrounding Britney Spears' car at Starbucks. The woman started screaming: "I'm famous! I'm famous" and she throws coffee all over the photos hitting Britney's car. The photogs start screaming at her "You dumb bitch! You douchebag!"

Page Six is reporting that Brit "is running out of money. Her fragrance didn't do well. She has no cash flow coming in and she's spending money like water."

Britney Goes Shopping for Grungier Clothes

Britney spent the day yesterday shopping with scumbag loser J.R. Rotem in Hollywood, arriving at a shop that sells grungy clothes in a dress and then changing. She even took time to step over a homeless bum. While she was skanking around, Fat Tony and Gloria Allred are pressing charges against hr wth Child Protective Services, in an effort to see that she doesn't get her kids back. I think she's making sure of that real well on her own. For a treat, here's a pic of her posing for ass and crotch pictures, complete with furry thighs, (again) from the night before last.