FBI Agent: "Sonny Bono Was ClubbedTo Death, He Didn't Run Into a Tree"

WTF?! Where di this come from? An ex-FBI private investigator thinks Sonny Bono was beaten death before he hit a tree while skiing according to Adelaide Now.


How can anyone even suggest that Sonny died after crashing into a tree. There's zero evidence in this autopsy report… to show such an accident happened. Instead, there's powerful proof he was assassinated.

"This was an evil plot that was carried out to almost perfection by ruthless assassins," Mr Gunderson told the paper.

The former agent, who has been researching Bonos accident for the past decade, said top officials linked to an international drug and weapons ring feared the singer-turned-politician was about to expose their crimes - so they had him killed on the slopes.

Bono, an experienced skiier, was ambushed on the slopes by hired hitmen, who beat him to death and then staged a tree collision, Mr Gunderson said.

He called for authorities to dig up Bono's remains and open a homicide investigation.

His claims have reportedly been backed by top forensics experts who fear Nevada authorities were too quick to call the death a skiing accident.

Investigator Bob Fletcher had also confessed he sent evidence of a 10-year study that linked top US government officials to arms and weapons dealers to Bono less than a month before his death, the Globe reported.

"Bono was going to make it his No.1 priority… There's no doubt in my mind Sonny was murdered by someone who needed him silenced," Mr Fletcher told the paper.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Wedding: A Star Studded Event!

Gwyneth I'm a bitch Paltrow arrives and like she's going to wear white , you're not supposed to wear what the bride wears you stupid bitch. Like she doesn't know that, UGH.

Oh this is really interesting, here is the site of their wedding!!

Okay,, apparently, Gwyneth was their only guest because this is all there is LOL, Gwyneth mobbed by paparazzi when she arrives at their wedding. This is so sick

The always classy Beyonce performs at her wedding


alright, I don't have the wedding pictures yet except for these, and I know how you must be on the edge of your seats waiting for them

Muscle Man Madonna After Workout

Elton John Thinks He's A Doctor

Elton John, who has successfully battled his own demons is concerned about Britney. Sources claim Elton has offered Britney a private place to stay, away from the paparazzi who hound her.

Elton has been watching Britney spiraling out of control over the past few years. “He has decided enough is enough and reckons he has plenty of experience in the business to help her. He feels so sorry for her because she had fame at such a young age and hasn’t handled it well.”

It is not the first time Elton has offered his support to a fellow star. He believes he understand fellow addicts because he has suffered from alcohol and drug addiction in the past.

In 1997, Elton and his partner David Furnish “kidnapped” Robbie Williams to take him to rehab after he binged on heroin, cocaine and ecstasy.


Elton also offered troubled star Amy Winehouse the use of his spiraling mansion after her recent drugs overdose.

Sweet shoes by the way

That's nice Eltie, but Britney's true source of insanity comes from within her own brain. Drugs compound he problems, but I don't think you're equipped to cure schizophrenia and bi-polarism! Nice thought though. See, even though Britney is taking her medication and being watched every moment, though she is better, she's still clearly not "normal," and never will be.

Lil' Mick is Still The Man

Even with the lifts in lil' Mick's shoes, his 6'5" girlfriend, model La'Wren Scott, towers over him

Does Lil' Mick have fruit loops in his heels? If he does, that's the coolest thing I've ever seen

Cameron Diaz Is Rich and Famous

Her wax figure is much better looking than she is
"Here in Los Angeles people have come to either become rich and famous or be near someone like me who's rich and famous. It's really sad." Cameron Diaz, on why she's moving to New York

You know what Cam? You don't have to worry about any of those sad people trying to be near you. I don't think a soul on earth cares whether you move to New York or not. In fact, I'm sure that no one will even notice. Also, weren't you one of those sad freaksnot too long ago, trying to be rich and famous? And even with your chronic acne, someone heard your laugh by accident, and you were cast in The Mask with Jim Carrey? Oh no, THAT'S not a lucky break.

Sweet Concert Photo of Kanye West


If Only Confidence Determined The Winner

Chloe Marshall, a contestant from England, in a Beauty Pagent. Chloe is a Size 16

Perez Hilton: Jessica Simpson Rubbed John Mayer's Crotch While I French Kissed Him"

Perez Hilton says that he has photographic proof that while he made out with John Mayer at a New Years Eve party, Jessica Simpson was rubbing his crotch.
(John's crotch that is)

Gross. I have no problem believing that, all three of them are hideous freaks.
I found these pics that at least proves the 3 were together on new years eve of 2006:
yuk so gross


And Hilton has now revealed even more salacious gossip about his Mayer kiss at a New York party -- in front of the rocker's then-girlfriend Jessica Simpson -- after the singer/songwriter's publicist dismissed the story.

Appearing on Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest's show this morning, Hilton said, "He kissed me and I kissed him back ... It was like on the mouth with open mouth and tongue.


"While John Mayer and I are making out hardcore, Jessica is like, rubbing his crotch. I swear a hundred percent ... He just kept going and going and going."

Hilton is so adamant that it happened that he took a lie detector test with an examiner from Fox’s hit show The Moment of Truth.

Hilton says he's thrilled that John's publicist is denying the story because the denial was carefully worded to "not really deny it." Perez went on, "I heard John wanted to confirm it, but his publicist wouldn't let him." He also says "While we were kissing, I saw a flash go off so I know someone has a picture of it."

UPDATE: From Perez Hilton's Website:

We Passed The Lie Detector Test!!!

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For those of you who didn't take my word for it…

A polygraph expert from Fox's Moment Of Truth gave me a lie detector test to prove once and for all that I DID hook up with John Mayer.

Can Jessica Simpson Do Anything Right or Good?

Jessica can't even pose naked and appear to be a woman. Okay so this is the 1965 Esquire Magazine cover that Jessica Simpson was attempting to create: One big problem though,
this is a WOMAN on the cover

okay so I don't get why she looks so gross, like a big man. Not even like a gay man. Is it that her shoulders are so broad?

She has no career, can't sing, can't act and I suppose Esquire thought "Well, she can at least pose sexy because she has a hot bod" but um..... she's just really ugly. I'm not even sure exactly why. Maybe it's her stupid personality that makes her ugly, or her manly shoulders.

Lindsay and Samantha's Cozy Dinner Date

Last night Lindsay stepped out for a quiet, romantic dinner with her sweet love, Samantha Ronson, giving her a chance to show off her glamorous nails and shiny leggings

Unfortunately, Samantha snuck out the back door, as she is "shy" when it comes to having her picture taken. Apparently she's quite the "playa" in the lesbo world.

"Sweet Sam" as Linds affectionately calls her waits in the car for a speedy getaway.