Dirty and Gross Love

Bobby Didn't Sign

Bobby Brown claims he never signed a prenup with Whitney Houston. He told the judge that the signature on the prenup was not his, and someone else must have signed it.

Criss tells Britney a Secret

Britney Spears, with her wig sewn into her hat, partied with magician Criss Angel again at the opening of LAX nightclub in Las Vegas. He was whispering in her ear and she was see clapping her hands like a retard over what he said. Ick. Is he wearing a new outfit?

Paris With Britney's Body and Skin

Amy is a Bloody Wreck

Singer Amy Winehouse was a bloody wreck this week when she violently vomited blood all over her Caribbean hotel room.

Staff at the Jade Mountain resort in St. Lucia were horrified when they were sent to Winehouse's suite to clean up the mess. "There was blood and vomit all over the bathroom, it was just terrible," said one worker, according to Brit tabloid The Mirror.

Hotel management allegedly offered to send out for a doctor, but Winehouse declined.

The Horror of Photoshop

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes from a Photoshop contest where people were asked to combine two celebrity faces.
source: freaking news

We Love Planet Hiltron

He'll Check The Bathroom For Baby Wipes

Terrence Howard, featured in blockbuster hits such as Mr. Holland's Opus and Glitter, told Elle Magazine that he wouldn't ever date a woman who didn't wipe herself with baby wipes.

"Toilet paper - and no baby wipes - in the bathroom. If they're using dry paper, they aren't washing all of themselves. It's just unclean. So if I go in a woman's house and see the toilet paper there, I'll explain this. And if she doesn't make the adjustment to baby wipes, I'll know she's not completely clean."

Friday Blind Item Clues

Britney Gets Paid for Chair Dancing

Last night, Britney Spears was scheduled to "host" the opening of Lax Nightclub in Las Vegas, and sing her new song, "Gimme More." She cancelled at the last minute, saying she didn't feel like going, even though they were paying her a HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars to do it. Then she showed up after all, with a wig that was SEWN INTO HER HAT, and danced but NEVER LEFT HER CHAIR. A million dollars for chair dancing! She only said two lame sentences into the microphone at the beginning of the night.
"Hey Y'all this is Lax. Have fun and get down, y'all! Britney's back, BITCHES!"
The old Britney may have been worth $100,000. , but um.. see for yourself. What do you think?

Kanye Responds to Fitty's Name Calling

“Steppin’ outside of the game… If I was just a fan of music, I would think that I was the number one artist in the world .”

- Kanye West, Friday morning on Arizona’s Johnjay and Rich radio show (responding to Fitty Cent's comment that he sucked and sounded like a robot.)

Kane may dress like a robot occasionally, but he doesn't think he sounds like one.

Fitty Cent Calls Kanye a Robot

Rapper 50 Cent has started up his feud with rival Kanye West again by claiming that he "sucks" and "sounds like a robot".

The 'Candy Shop' star and West have been battling with each other since it was announced that their new albums would both be put on sale on the same day on September 11.

During the trading of insults, 50 Cent insisted he would quit music if he failed to sell more copies than his rival. But last week it looked like the pair had put their differences behind them when they were spotted at a New York club together.

But now 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, has had another outburst about the 'Golddigger' hitmaker, telling Allhiphop: "Its not possible for Kanye to beat me.

"It's the teddy bear vs. the gorilla. Kanye sucks. I'm going to be honest, he sounds like a robot."

I like Kanye's music, but come to think of it he does kind of sound like a robot.

Blind Items

#1 This B- , oh hell let's call her C list, but not quite a D reality star with A- name recognition decided to surprise her similar boyfriend by showing up at the hotel he was staying at for the day during a photo shoot and finding him full on making out with another guy.

#2 When leaving an LA restaurant on Wednesday night, this A list television actress on a very hit network show was stopped by the manager on her way out. Yes, she had paid, but what she had neglected to do was to fully replace the little plastic bag of white powder she had been using earlier. Half of it was sticking out because she had latched the purse closed before pushing it all the way back in.

#3 What comedian/actor/out of control mess was thrown out of a music video shoot because the band threatened to walk out if the actor was involved in the shoot in any form.

#4 Which two former A list actors have not spoken to each other in months because of a power struggle in an organization of which they are both members.

source: Crazy Days and Nights... clues next week

Response to Gimme More

Listening to Britney's new song, Gimme More, had hundreds of people commenting how much they love the song. Then, finally, someone said what I was thinking.

You guys are hilarous. “I’m in tears, this is so HOT!!.” ROLF. Here’s the deal . . Britney is too fat, ugly (i.e., hair extensions, make-up, zits and clothing) and totally FUCKED UP for any kind of comeback. When you see her on stage with her belly hanging over her pants (if she’s wearing any), her double chins and dimply ass, you WILL BE CRYING! And I’ll be laughing my ass off.


Ashton Kutcher, self- proclaimed fashion guru, wears a pair of "capris" on the set of his new movie, "What Happens in Vegas."

Aren't They Cute

Britney Will Dissapear

The New York Daily News has new details about her VMA performance with illusionist Criss Angel.

Angel will guide Spears in and out of a series of mirrors, making it seem as though she vanishes and then reappears several times, a source told the Daily News yesterday.

Other dancers in the complicated number are being called upon to harness up for simulated flight, the source said.

Why do I feel like I've already seen this?

Another Old Man Making a Stupid Hand Gesture

I’m not going to put (porn icon) John Holmes out of business, but I’m above average. I measured it, just to make sure I wasn’t lying to myself.”... Bret Michaels, from Blender magazine

Sorry, Brett. I've seen your sex tape with Pamela Anderson and um...
The way he PURSES his lips makes me sick.
Oh, and BTW, John Holmes is dead.

She Ruined Casual Friday For Everybody

Creepy Blind Item Clue

Today the eyes, tomorrow the mouth. This could be a clue for the creepy blind item from yesterday. Place your guesses!

She's As Cold as Fire, Baby

Okay, here are some of the lyrics for Britney's new song "Cold as Fire."

"I'm just the girl with the ability to drive a man crazy/ Make him call me mama/ Make him my new baby.

"Little legend you can look but don't touch because/ I'm cold as fire baby and hot as ice/ If you've ever been to heaven this is twice as nice."

"The foolishness and fuckery and handling my bizness/ Holla if you hear me/ Can I get a witness?”

Can I get a witness? OH. MY.

Celeb Rehab To Air on VH1

VH1 has become an addiction in itself. Just yesterday, my daughter told me she was addicted to it. And now, we have a new "can't miss" show coming, which is a cross between A & E's Intervention and The Surreal Life. The contestants? or addicts, or whatever they could be called, include Tom Sizemore again, (I thought he went to prison after violating his parole for the 8th time) and the lovely wrestler, Joanie Chynna Doll Laurer. My favorite "star" is Andy Dick, who was recently arrested for public urination. I love that to be famous now, you just need to be a horrible freak. What! No Leif Garrett?!

Advice From A Strong Minded Stripper

(VH1's Rock of Love) Heather, who describes herself as a "strong minded stripper" reveals all in an interview for Nerve. She has sex in tanning beds and her favorite drink is plain vodka. I can almost smell her leathery skin , cheap hairspray and booze breath. Yum!
She claims she's been offered thousands for sex. Ha Ha! AS IF. "After living in Vegas I've been offered $20,000 to $30,000 to have sex with people and I turned it down. Maybe it's because it was with married men. I'm not into the whole home-wrecking thing. I don't ever want to feel like I'm a prostitute. I don't know — probably for a million I would."

Oh, and I love how she's smashing her boobs in.. that's really sexy!

Amy Just Needs a Baby

OMG this is just what they need! Amy Winehouse is in the Caribbean with husband Blake and they are OMG trying to get pregnant! Well, she is. You know, that is the first thing I think of when I look at them, is what wonderful parents they would make. Sure, I've heard of the getting pregnant thing to solve all kinds of relationship problems. The "a baby will bring us closer" routine. (Who EVER thought up that one?) Like her spindly, drug ravaged, 75 pound body could even be pregnant.. Imagine a baby in their lifestyle, covered in blood and tatoos and addicted to drugs!

Amy believes this is "just what they need" (really) and they are trying harder than ever" to get Amy pregnant. Oh ick, sorry. That wasn't a good thought, especially this early.

Bid on Britney's Greasy Dress!

Better get over to Ebay! Britney's stained Versace gown is for sale with the bidding starting at a mere $1,500. Imagine how envious your friends will be when you show up at any event in this stunning gown from the Versace spring collection. It comes complete with mustard stains, fried chicken grease, and real pee from her dog, London!

I'm saving my money to bid on her $90.00 Kenneth Cole boots that she's been wearing every day (without socks!) for the past 14 months.
The dress is from her disastrous photo shoot with OK Magazine, where she cried, mumbled to herself, and pooped with the door open several times. She had to go, Y'All!

Snoop Dogg and Amy... Roomates?

Snoop Dogg has offered troubled star Amy Winehouse a place to recover from her drug addictions... his crib!

The rapper praised the 'Rehab' singer earlier this week for inspiring his latest album.

Now he has gone a step further and offered his "hood" for her to hide out in while she battles with her personal problems.

Snoop said: "I want her to know that if she needs a place to chill for a bit, my hood is her hood.”
OMG I love the thought of these two sharing pancakes in the morning.

Bez Says Pete and Amy Don't Do Enough Drugs

I know, I thought the same thing.. who is BEZ? He's this crazy freak who is famous ONLY for dancing with maracas while his eyes bulge! He dances with a band called Happy Mondays, and he recently won Celebrity Big Brother. I don't know about you, but I love these wacky Brits! Let me know if you think they're boring, because I might be in danger of becoming obsessed with them.
Happy Mondays dancer Bez has described Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse as "lightweights" for spending time in rehab.

Bez told the Daily Star: "Pete Doherty is talked about all the time but he's a f*****g lightweight. He spends more time in rehab than he does taking drugs for f**** sake."

He added: "Winehouse is the same, she's got a lot to prove."

Bez argued that his history of drug taking during a quarter of the century working in the music industry hadn't done him any harm.

He commented: "There are too many part-time rock 'n' rollers these days. I've not spent a minute in rehab in 25 years and I'm all right."

Who Exactly is She Calling a "Bitch?"

Please give me LESS. Britney's big "comeback song" is exactly like I thought it would be. You can hear it at Perezhilton, and it's so bad it will give you chills. It's all her usual "I'm talking real sexy" crap with a tired dance beat mix, just like I had imagined it. The already stale song begins with her stating (like she's cool or something!) "ITS BRITNEY, BITCHES!" The song ends with her producer shouting out, "Bet you didn't see this coming!"...Um.. yeah, actually I did. UGH. But, who am I to judge someone who makes 9 million dollars a year for acting like an idiot?

Britney's ex- manager, Larry Rudolph was served a subpoena to testify against her while he was at that stupid tanning salon, Sunset Tan. I've had the misfortune of seeing that show, and it's worse than Britney's new "music."

Britney Makes $737 THOUSAND Dollars a Month.. Just Like You and Me!

I love this pic from TMZ. How does Britney make $700,000. a month! I mean when was her last hit? I know she has her skanky perfume but..

Fitty Cent Blames Britney's Downfall on Kevin

It was all KEVIN FEDERLINE'S fault, according to rapper 50 Cent.

He says, "I think she brought too many people in. Kevin, whatever his name is, who is he?

"She made him a star.

"She should have left his ass in the closet, there he would have stayed and everything would have been exactly the way it needed to be."

source: defamer