Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon, Madonna's daughter, went to see Hairspray last night. Let's just get right to it, should we? Here's the thing. I know she's only 11, and she's not bothering anyone. But WHY? Madonna is a perfectionist, and has had plenty of "work" done, whether she admits it or not. Can't she take Lourdes to an eyebrow shaper for god's sake?

I mean why put her through this? That's all anyone can think when they look at her. Is it really so hard to just teach her how to use a pair of tweezers, or get them surgically removed, or even rub a little Nair on them. Anything! Please! The natural look? This doesn't look natural, it's just difficult to even understand, and gross
. See, I shaped them for her and she's real pretty now.

Yay! She's Okay

Nancy Grace was released Thursday from an Atlanta hospital, where she'd been under observation for several days due to complications from her recent pregnancy.

Nancy was admitted to the emergency room Sunday after experiencing shortness of breath while on her way to church. The cause turned out to be two blood clots that had formed in her lungs following the Nov. 4 birth of her twin daughter and son, who arrived two months ahead of schedule and are still hospitalized.

"Lucy and John David are still in the preemie unit," Grace wrote Thursday in a message posted on cnn.com. "Please continue your prayers. I know they are being heard because the doctors say the twins are doing well.

"John David is up to 5 1/2 pounds and Lucy is approaching 4 pounds! They are both taking bottles and I pray and believe they are close to having tubes removed."

Nancy rep said, "'Home' is merely a word. Nancy and David are spending all their time visiting the twins at the hospital. Nancy hopes to bring the babies home for Thanksgiving. They have so much to be grateful for."

Nancy's husband said she's doing "doggone good


First of all. let me get over the shock of seeing Britney look this good only four years ago. Wait...whew, okay I'm good. Maybe The Spice Girls should hire a new stylist? I'm just saying. I mean did she really think no one would notice that she's wearing Brit's "old" cast off's?

Amy Gets in Trouble

Amy Winehouse was chain smoking in an airplane bathroom and wouldn't come out, so when the plane landed, she got into trouble! Enjoy this pic of Amy going beserk, and her normal looking big brother Alex, who says she "has her life together more than people know."

Tom Cruise To Play Hugh Hefner

Straight men play gay men all the time in movies, so Tom Cruise should make a believable Hugh Hefner. They are both control freaks and egomaniacs. Tom will play Hugh in the upcoming movie about Hugh's life.

Katie Couric is a BITCH

Katie Couric is so sickening. A while back, there was a video posted on You Tube of Dan Rather trying to decide if he should wear his coat on air. Dan was being really nice to the people he was working with. I have always known what a bitch she is, but in this video she:
1. makes fun of Dan Rather
2. Acts like she sounds HIP by calling the cameramen "DUDE" and "BRO"
3. Reminds everyone how FUNNY SHE IS when no one is laughing
Then she says, "Dude, how funny was that when I was re-enacting The Dan Rather thing!"
She is a repulsive, egotistical bitch who no one watches. She WISHES she could be in Dan Rather's league, he is one of the nicest men I've ever known. Her gummy evil grin and thinning hair she keeps combing make me sick. She strains to be funny, and she's the only one who thinks so. She says her comb makes her feel like she's ready for the nursing home. Oh Ha! Ha! OMG that was so funny! It doesn't even make sense. There is no possible way ANYONE could like her, she thinks she's so cool! UGH.

Heidi Klum is REALLY, REALLY Stupid

The judge has ordered Britney not to drive with her kids in her car ever again after he saw the video of her texting her way through a red light at a dangerous intersection with her boys in the car. But that doesn't mean she can't give amazing parenting advice! She even shared some tricks and tips with model Heidi Klum! MOMS EVERYWHERE! Get a pen now to write this down!

A few weeks ago, during Klum’s Halloween Party, Britney offered, of all things, motherly advice. And Heidi says she actually learned from it.

The “Project Runway” babe told press, “We were talking about babies and diapers and she explained to me a lot of things about diapers I that didn’t know. You know these sticky things on the side? I never knew that they were there. It’s very clever. I learned a lot of things.” Who knew?" Um... I'll tell you "who knew," Heidi. Every mother or woman on earth who has ever changed a diaper knew about "those sticky things." You have THREE KIDS and didn't know how to secure a diaper?

Enjoy these pics of Brit the domestic goddess and mother of the year as she cleans her patio in her horrible new weave

Two Thirteen Year Old Lohans

Us Magazine showed us Lindsay Lohan at 13 next to her hideous sister Ali Lohan who is also 13. WTF? I forgot how cute Lindsay was, and, clearly "innocent," as you should be at 13. They were raised by the same self absorbed cokehead, so I wonder what the difference is? Besides the obvious, that Ali is pure hideous to look at.

She's one of Bruce and Demi's daughters! THAT would explain it. I guess it really means that girls turn into gross whores younger than they used to? I mean, IF they're going to. And if your last name is Lohan, oh, you're going to

Scary Kate Olsen Wears $274,000.00 Worth of Jewelry and She's Still Ugly

Kevin's Ex is Britney's Nanny!

Jackson, 31, has two children – Kori, 5, and Kaleb, 3 – with Federline, 29, and says that she watches Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, who are Federline’s kids with Spears, 25.

“We definitely make sure the kids all bond together,” Jackson told reporters Tuesday night at EA’s Launch For The Need For Speed Game in L.A. “I mean, they’re siblings, they need each other.”

“We’re not together or anything but we’re definitely still a family unit,” says Jackson.”Honestly, we’re like the best of friends. Obviously, the relationship didn’t work out for a reason, and we’re cool with that. But we’re still a part of each other’s lives. And our children get to see two people who aren’t together but still have a great relationship, and I think that’s really important

TAKE THAT, Britney!


image : Webster's is my bitch

Matt Damon is World's Sexiest Man

Matt Damon has been named the "sexiest man alive" by People mag, an honor that has previously been bestowed twice on his pals George Clooney and Brad Pitt. The 37-year-old actor is featured on the cover of People's annual issue, on newsstands Friday. Damon, who is married to Luciana Bozan, said the honor came as a surprise. "You gave an aging suburban dad the ego boost of a lifetime," he says in a letter published in the magazine. "My nine-year-old stepdaughter now thinks I'm cool - well, cooler."

Matt Damon? Okay, he sure beats that haggard homo George Clooney. He's way better than that little acne faced midget Brad Pitt. And he is a really nice guy. Still, my vote goes to The Soup host, Joel McHale.

Oh, Richard It's Been WAY Too Long

Right back at ya, honey!

His legs and tiny elf feet really turn me on

You're Supposed To Eat Something You Dumb Bitch

Breaking News! Heroin isn't good for you if you're pregnant!

I'm Not Saying One Thing

Okay, Marlon Brando.. I mean Val Kilmer out for a day in Los Angeles. There.

Katie Loves Peter

Those wacky Brits! Katie Price grabs her husband Peter's nads while filming their reality show Katie loves Peter.

How Many Times Is Maniston Going To BREAK DOWN?

Fabio Says "Scumbag" Clooney "Ran From The Restaurant!"

Fab told OK! Magazine:

A drunken Clooney started insulting a woman at his table and flipping them off. He said he got up and told Clooney he better knock it off and Clooney "got a little scared." (Of course he got scared! Clooney is a little bitch who can't back it up).
Fabio went on, “He has no class. You have to be a low-class, scumbag to start calling a woman a name. If you’re a man, you should never. You should be a gentleman. These women were with me and as a man I defend them. He was lucky he ran out of the restaurant. He’s not even half a man."

HIGH FIVE, FAB! People need to see Clooney for what he really is. An aging never was with a gigantic gay head from being called The World's Sexiest Man, and a bit part in Roseanne as her cafeteria boss. Good looking? If you like squinty eyed gay men with gigantic mullets he is.

Don't forget that he also compared his situation with the paparazzi to Princess Di. You're no Princess Di, Clooney. To recap: You're not cool, not funny, can't act, afraid of Fabio, gay, a belligerant drunk, and you're not Princess Di. Oh! And your
movies suck, and your reputation as a "ladies man" is a joke.

source: OK Magazine

Britney Runs Over Someone Else

Brit after running over victim number three

Brit just loves clowning around with her court appointed monitor

Britney just ran over her third victim! She ran over that paparazzi dude's foot, then a cop, and now she ran over someone else at The Four Seasons Hotel last night. She has never looked more ridiculous than she does driving around with that old bitch late at night, torturing her sleeping kids and running red lights.

Just a silly thought.. but do you think maybe you should take off your sunglasses at night, fatso? I mean it impairs your ability to see, and since you can't do anything else.. Kevin has filed a motion to stop her from driving with the kids in the car

Jessica Looks For That Special Man

“Like, if a kid were to come up to him and tug on his shirt, he’d pick him up on twirl him around,” she explained on The View Thursday. “I definitely love a family man, a guy that’s not afraid to pick up the babies.”

Oh yeah, she added: “And somebody who wants to meet my grandparents immediately … if he has a cute butt, that’s all right.”

This is really deep, some pretty heavy qualifications there. Of course he'd also have to like having Papa Joe around ALL THE TIME. He would also need to like listening to some idiot blithering about nothing all day except purses

Rachel Ray Is Sexy?

Doing dishes is damn sexy if you're Rachel Ray

So if you put a fake body on someone, does that give them sex appeal? Everybody doesn't need to be "sexy", and clearly, everybody isn't. We all know Rachel Ray is fat, but that's not why she isn't sexy. She's just not. She's annoying, not funny, and stupid. No one on earth looks like this when they take a turkey out of the oven. Suggestively licking the chocolate spoon isn't really working for her either. Please spare us magazine layouts like this one. We know she doesn't look like that.

Lock Up Your Grandpa's!

John Travolta gives Kirk Douglas an award and some really hot lovin' that Kirk looks pretty damned excited about. What? No tongue?

Eminem's Daughter Destroys His Career

Eminem is refusing to embark on any future U.S tour in fear of upsetting his young daughter, according to rapper 50 CENT.
Fiddy says his pal’s daughter Hailey, six, dislikes him being away from home - and Eminem is adamant fatherhood comes before his career.
Fiddy told MTV.co.uk, "I’ve toured more than him because he has Hailey and he likes to physically be at the house. A lot of people don’t know the reason behind him touring less - but Hailey would put boxes in front of the door thinking this would stop him going.
"He (Eminem) would fly back on a private plane after the show so he could drive her to school in the morning so for him the tour was exhausting."

OH BOO HOO! How long is Hailey going to be SIX?! Why doesn't she ever get any older? Hailey also critiques Eminem's songs, the other reason that his career has been over for a long time. Dr. Dre needs to hurry up and finish Detox so we can have some really good music again.

Click Link To See Amy Winehouse Snorting Crack ON STAGE That She Pulled Out Of Her Beehive!


Don't Stand So Close To Me: Working For Amy Endangers Your Health

Amy Wino's tour manager, Thom Stone, has quit her tour after his doc found heroin in his system reports The Sun . A source said Thom was inhaling heroin smoke from the tour bus and it has endangered his health.

Thom apparently showed Wino a note from his doctor stating "smack" was found in his system. Amy thought it was a joke. She didn't know that second hand smoke included heroin smoke. To be honest, I never thought of it either.

The source said, “He was watching them get off their heads on drugs and wondering whether Amy was even going to get up on stage. It was a nightmare job

O.J. To Stand Trial

O.J. rushes home to take care of his kids and find the real killer

One of O.J.'s really cool fans

O.J. Simpson's lawyer said the aging murderer plans to spend the next two weeks in Miami "playing golf and taking care of the kids" (Ha! Ha! taking care of them by writing a book on exactly how he butchered their mom) before returning to a Nevada courtroom to be arraigned on kidnapping and armed robbery charges that could mean life in prison.

More than a decade after his acquittal on murder charges, Simpson was ordered Wednesday to stand trial on charges that he and armed accomplices staged an armed robbery of sports memorabilia dealers. Simpson said he wasn't surprised - and that he's counting on another jury to clear him.

"If I have any disappointment it's that I wish a jury was here," Simpson told The Associated Press before he left the courtroom. "As always, I rely on the jury system

He Sees Nothing Wrong With Spreading Himself Around

Bobby Brown just can't seem to bust those moves like he used to. First, Whitney makes him sleep in his car, then he had a heart attack. At his latest show in Washington, he forgot his lyrics and then asked the audience where he was. Then he tried to bust out some of his fancy footwork, and flew off the stage, breaking his ankle. Better ease up on the crowd dives, dude. Nobody even tried to catch him!

Bitch you WILL Give Me My Money

P. Diddy is seventies pimpin' out for a night on the town

Poor Prince William

He looks like a fun guy. He's a prince! But you can't have everything. I love how the tabloids claim he's "showing off his hair." First of all, he doesn't have any hair left and he's only 25. But LIKE he's "showing off."