Creepy Look-A-Like Celeb Couples

Brad Pitt obviously has no mind of his own

Nicole Richie (Pretends to) Eats Dinner!

"That's right, keep looking at me. Stare! Pretend I'm interesting."

Loser From The Seventies Arrested

Creepy Dennis in his "heyday" LOL! Like he had one!

The former husband of "Charlie's Angels" star and K-Mart "fashion guru" Jaclyn Smith was arrested in Florida when police went to Cole's home to serve him with a domestic violence warrant and he locked himself in a room. Cops were eventually able to open the door and Cole was promptly arrested.

It's unlikely that you remember Cole for his roles on "Fantasy Island" and "Murder She Wrote." He was a real loser even back in the seventies. Cole was married to Smith for almost three years. I'll bet she regrets the day she let him go!

Nick's Hallo- Ween Costume

Nick Lachey's Hallo-WEEN costume was his ween in a box. Cute.

Quote of the Day

"I think it's clear by now that the federal government needs to reclassify marijuana. People who need it should be able to get it – safely and easily." Drew Carey

Britney Runs Over a Cops Foot

Britney ran over a cop's foot. The cop was trying to help Brit get through the crowd of paparazzi.

TMZ said the cop was shouting for her to go left and she went right instead. He has no broken bones, but a complaint was filed. The LAPD is conducting an investigation and looking into whether or not it was a hit and run.

I just keep waiting for something big to happen, but what? When will the 5 stupid Britney stories a day end? And HOW will it end?

Lindsay's New Lips and Orange Stash

Dear Lindsay,

STOP TANNING! You look ridiculous. It's not even. It's not even close to being the color of a real tan. STOP! You're UGLY!

The lip injections are gross. You look much worse now.

You have an orange mustache.

The leggings went out like SEVENTEEN years ago. No, they're not "back in."

What's with the motorcycle boots. AND the horse jockey boots? So not cool.

DA BRAT Puts The Smack Down On Waitress

HOT Mushot!

(So called) "Rapper" Da Brat (most famous for Celebrity Fit Club and The Surreal Life) put the holy smack-down on a nightclub waitress in Georgia yesterday morning, hitting her in the face with a bottle of rum. Hey, you can take DA BRAT OUT DA GHETT-O but, well you know where I'm going with this.

"Da Brat", whose real name is Shawntae Harris, is facing felony aggravated assault charges. Witnesses told police the incident started with an argument between Harris, 33, and a waitress at Studio 72, a club owned by Jermaine Dupri, the Atlanta record producer. The argument escalated to shoving, witnesses said; then Harris is accused of grabbing a bottle of rum and hitting the waitress in the face. The victim was taken to the hospital with cuts on her face and above her eye.

source: poponthepop

New Photos Prove There is a Sasquatch.. I KNEW IT!

We were so close... but the Sasquatch could always outsmart us

RIDGWAY, Pa. — A hunter out to photograph deer last month has reignited the Sasquatch debate with a photograph of a small furry animal walking on all fours.

I once hunted the mighty sasquatch, coincidentally, in Northwest Pennsylvania, and though I came dangerously close to this intelligent beast, I never had the pleasure of a face to face meeting. I am certain that the sasquatch visited the campsite I had set up in the woods with my head researcher at the time, Grady Pope. I feel my photos (the first 3) are far more substantial in the proof that the sasquatch does indeed exist.

Rick Jacobs said he took this photograph with a camera using an automatic trigger in the Allegheny National Forest, about 115 miles north of Pittsburgh, hoping to capture deer. But his image has only managed to spark further debate about the existence of bigfoot.

"We couldn't figure out what they were," Jacobs said of the images captured on Sept. 16. "I've been hunting for years and I've never seen anything like this."

He contacted the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, which pursues reports of a legendary two-legged creature that some people believe lives in parts of the U.S. and Canada.

"It appears to be a primate-like animal. In my opinion, it appears to be a juvenile Sasquatch," said Paul Majeta of the bigfoot group.

source: Fox News

Rumer Thinks She Has Power, and is FAMOUS

PLEASE tell me she's joking! Rumer Willis, the hideously ugly daughter of Bruce and Demi Moore actually thinks she's FAMOUS. Yes, famous for being UGLY. I mean really ugly. How could she not know this! OMG.

She actually said: “I feel like I’m really famous now.”

Regarding fame and celebrity, she told People magazine,

“Before I started working, I would have said, ‘You know, it’s not really fair, because I didn’t choose this.’ But when you decide to be a part of this profession and put yourself out there, then you kind of have to accept what it is.

It’s a 24-hour job. It doesn’t matter if you are going out to a restaurant – you have to be aware of what you are doing and how you look and how you are presenting yourself, because most of the time people never get to know you.

Being famous isn’t going to parties … it’s about being able to use the power that we all have to kind of give back.”

Britney Fantasizes About Kim Kardashian

Britney Spears has reportedly admitted to having lesbian fantasies.

According to the Daily Star, the pimple faced poptart admitted to being hot for socialite Kim Kardashian at a Halloween party.

Britney said : "I really love Kim’s butt, skin and hair. Kim is a real woman. A real horny beast."

Spears was playing a party game in which they had to name celebrities they would like to sleep with.

She also named Carmen Electra, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Gabriel Aubry and Eminem, say reports.

A source commented: "She was so graphic.

Johnny Depp Celebrates Daughter's Recovery

Johnny Depp has been celebrating since his eight-year-old daughter recovered from an illness from which she suffered earlier this year.

The actor's girl, Lily-Rose, was taken to a hospital in London to be treated for a serious, undisclosed health problem while Depp was in the country filming Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Depp has refused to give out details of his daughter's illness but has claimed that life has become much better since she was given the all-clear.

He told Entertainment Weekly magazine: "Now every single millisecond is a mini-celebration.

"Every time we get to breathe in and exhale is a huge victory. She pulled through beautifully, perfectly, with no lasting anything"

Dog's Son Tucker

Dog the Bounty Hunter's son, Tucker Chapman, sold Dog's racial tirade to the National Enquirer for a mere $15,000.00. Dog claims he has apologized to his son, and his son's black girlfriend. I'm sure he did! FAKE. FAKE. FAKE.

How Britney Throws Her Money Away

Brit earns an average of $737,868 per month. Here's how the bloated teen trash spends some of that cash.

The financials, she submitted in May, 2007, show Spears spent an average of $102,000 a month on entertainment,(Starbucks and Orange Fanta, Calzones and Jack in the Box).

Brit dropped 16K a month on clothes, (She can only wear them once because of the greasy stains all over them) K-Fed spends $2,000.

K-Fed spent $3,000 a month on insurance, including car and life. Brit spent $785 a month. K-Fed spent zippo on charity -- Britney, who operates the Britney Spears Foundation, contributed $500 a month. (WOW, Brit, don't sprain yourself!!)

Brit spent $10,250 a month on utilities -- gas, electric, water and trash, and almost $50,000. a month for two mortgage payments. (For homes she doesn't live in, she stays in hotels. ) She doesn't even know WHERE the homes are located, and has to ask the paparazzi. Now, as of today, she's looking at another home to buy, and I can tell you the neighbors there are horrified. Ha! Ha!

Big Brother Ass Arrested For Waitress Assault

"Big Brother" winner and celeb restauranteur Mike "Boogie" Malin was arrested in Denver earlier this week for allegedly assaulting a waitress in a sports bar.

The 37-year-old is a partner in the Dolce Group (which also "boasts" Ashton Kutcher as an investor, and BIG DEAL) and owns Hollywood hotspots Les Deux and Geisha House. He's a gigantic ass, and thinks he's cool. His best friend is Dr. Will Kirby, from Dr. 90210. I hope he goes to jail.

Amy PLEASE Get Rid Of Blake!

Amy Winehouse (tried to) perform at the MTV European Awards last night, and it was really bad, and sad.
The audience in Munich was treated (or, "subjected to") the first major TV appearance Amy’s made since she was arrested in Norway for drug possession back in October.

Amy sang out of time, slurred her words, and looked a bit worried throughout the song. Her eyes were filled with tears the entire time. If you look at her fingers and knuckles, they are infected, dirty, and swollen, a sign of chronic drug use. One look at Blake and you can see where the majority of her problems come from. She has been trying to stay away from drugs, but her sickening junkie husband is making this entirely impossible.

Britney is a Cokehead and Might Be PREGNANT

Britney might be pregnant with Mario Lopez's baby and have a coke problem. WTF! Coke problem? Duh, add it to the list. And she did have sex with Mario a few months back...

Life&Style reports that friends of BS have grown concerned, because she stopped taking her Depo-Provera shot and doesn't take her birth control pills all the time. She apparently complained the DP shot was making her fat, so she switched to the pill. A source said that " she’s constantly forgetting where she put them and to take them. She seems to find it amusing — she laughs at how scattered she is.”

Friends say she has sex with any dude. She has slept with Sam Lufti and JR Rotem. “When her friends ask if she’s being safe, Britney says it’s just casual sex. She seems to think that just because she isn’t in a formal relationship, she’s somehow immune to getting pregnant.”
Mario Lopez (Isn't he gay? Oh well) told Extra that he did not get Britney pregnant. WTF?! I guess there was a rumor that Mario slept with Britney. He said, “My name has been linked to a few headlines of late. This particular headline with Britney and the baby… it is laughable.”

Now InTouch reports Brit is still doing coke even though she's apparently passed several drug tests.

Jon Bon Jovi Used to Deal Drugs

Jon Bon Jovi confessed he bought and sold marijuana while he was a struggling teenager growing up in New Jersey.

He said: "I did the drug thing very young and wised up very young too, because I was into drugs a little too much.

"I was entrepreneurial even then, buying quarter pounds of dope and trying to make a couple of bucks."

The father-of-four said: "Did you ever smoke dope that was laced with PCP and then have that whole summer of hallucinations? It was f***ing awful.
"That's why I've never been a drug guy. I always felt I didn't have the mental stability."

Bon Jovi recently revealed he is embarrassed to let his kids see his old 80s hairstyle.

The rock star - who has sold 120 million albums since Bon Jovi shot to fame in the early 80s - admitted he hasn't shown his children DVDs of his old concerts for fear of what they might think.

He said: "I've heard Richie Sambora (guitarist) and Dave Bryan (keyboard player) say they played their kids a DVD of our old concerts from 20 years ago, and they were really laughing. But I've never done that.

"They would probably laugh at my 80s hair. Sure they would. I laugh at it - it's part of growing up in public."

Britney is a Greasy Pig

She took her kids to a Halloween party but stayed less than half an hour. They were crying. The court appointed monitor said that she was in a rush to go to a party herself, and that she paid no attention to her boys. She needed a calzone, Y'all! I've never seen Jayden smile. I hate her.

Lindsay Attacks Paparazzi With An Umbrella Ella Ella Hey Hey Hey

Orange ass Lindsay Lohan pulled a Britney yesterday as she went for lunch with her former lover, DJ Samantha Ronson at the Newsroom Cafe in L.A. yesterday. Apparently, the photogs weren't moving fast enough for her ass, so she started trying to impale them on her umbrella!

The Newsroom Cafe is the HEART of paparazzi central. The famous Ivy restaurant is right across the street. People go there for ink and photo ops. She KNEW there would be paps there. So she's not that rehabbed. She is still the attention whore she always was.

Lohan shoved her way out of the Newsroom Cafe garage on Roberston Blvd., thrusting an umbrella into the waiting herd of paparazzi -- when a shoving match ensued with Lindsay and a bodyguard.

source: asocialiteslife

"Just Fu**ing Kill Me Now!" Screams Don Vito As Jury Finds Him GUILTY

PLEASE let there be a tape of this!!!
MTV "star" Vincent Margera collapsed in a Jefferson County courtroom Wednesday, sobbing and swearing as he heard his first guilty verdict for groping girls during a promotional appearance at the Colorado Mills Mall.

"Jesus! I can't spend the rest of my f------ life in jail! Just f------ kill me now!" he screamed as he hit the floor, knocking down defense attorney Pamela Mackey as he fell.

Four deputies rushed to Margera, 51, as he writhed on the floor.

"I can't stand up! My legs! My legs! I can't move," he yelled as deputies tried to calm and subdue him.

The second guilty verdict for sexual assault on a child triggered another episode of wailing with Margera still on the floor.

"I didn't f------ do nothing. You can rot in f------ hell," screamed Margera, who is better known as Don Vito in the MTV reality series Viva La Bam which stars his nephew, Bam Margera.

"I can't move. I can't move," he shouted as deputies surrounded him and the astonished jury looked on.

"I can't get up!" Margera said. "MY LEGS ARE BROKE! Help me. Help me!"

Eventually, four deputies dragged the sobbing Margera out of the courtroom in handcuffs.


Once he was gone, the only evidence of his breakdown was a miniature Hershey's candy bar on the floor where Margera landed! Ha! Ha! This story made my day!!

source: Rocky Mountain News

Fat Obnoxious Rosie Tries To Be Funny on Martha Stewart

Dumbass Dog's Show Cancelled Because of His Racial Remarks

The National Enquirer obtained telephone recordings of Dog Chapman from TV's "Dog, The Bounty Hunter" on a racial tirade filled with the n-word. I mean FILLED with it. I stopped listening to that trash after like 10-seconds.

The conversation is with Dog's son Tucker. Dog thinks Tucker's girlfriend Monique, who is black, is going to try and set him up because he uses the n-word a lot. (And he was right, she did!) Dog Chapman has released a statement after the National Enquirer released tapes of Dog using racist remarks to his son. A & E heard the tape and canceled his show! Ha!Ha! GOOD.

Dog is on damage control:

"My sincerest, heartfelt apologies go out to every person I have offended for my regrettable use of very inappropriate language. I am deeply disappointed in myself for speaking out of anger to my son and using such a hateful term in a private phone conversation. It was completely taken out of context. I was disappointed in his choice of a friend, not due to her race, but her character. However, I should have never used that term. I have the utmost respect and aloha for black people – who have already suffered so much due to racial discrimination and acts of hatred. I did not mean to add yet another slap in the face to an entire race of people who have brought so many gifts to this world. I am ashamed of myself and I pledge to do whatever I can to repair this damage I have caused."

Click here if you want to hear it:

Eleven Men Snort Coke Off Britney's Chest

Britney Spears invited ELEVEN men to snort cocaine off her chest during a wild party at her Hollywood mansion just two days after losing visitation rights to see her sons, it has been reported.

Scott Kohler, 29, claims he and a group of 10 other strangers were invited to join Spears for a night of heavy partying on October 19, when slutty Britney drowned her sorrows with vodka and splashed around with ELEVEN MEN in her jacuzzi.

And musician Kohler alleges that Britney accepted an offer of cocaine from a fellow partygoer, and then dumped it on her chest for all of them to snort. They declined, seeing that her chest was covered in acne and cheeto dust.

Kohler adds, "She was in a great mood. She didn't have a care in the world."

Amy Gave Out Treats

Amy Winehouse was seen sitting on a curb crying during the day, but she still gave out treats to kids last night.

Heidi Klum and Gwen Stefani

Heidi Klum was a cat for her party, and Seal was nowhere to be seen. Gwen and Kingston looked cute, but Gavin went to the party as Woody Allen. I hate people who think they're too cool to dress up. Especially when we know he dresses like a woman behind closed doors.