"Just Fu**ing Kill Me Now!" Screams Don Vito As Jury Finds Him GUILTY

PLEASE let there be a tape of this!!!
MTV "star" Vincent Margera collapsed in a Jefferson County courtroom Wednesday, sobbing and swearing as he heard his first guilty verdict for groping girls during a promotional appearance at the Colorado Mills Mall.

"Jesus! I can't spend the rest of my f------ life in jail! Just f------ kill me now!" he screamed as he hit the floor, knocking down defense attorney Pamela Mackey as he fell.

Four deputies rushed to Margera, 51, as he writhed on the floor.

"I can't stand up! My legs! My legs! I can't move," he yelled as deputies tried to calm and subdue him.

The second guilty verdict for sexual assault on a child triggered another episode of wailing with Margera still on the floor.

"I didn't f------ do nothing. You can rot in f------ hell," screamed Margera, who is better known as Don Vito in the MTV reality series Viva La Bam which stars his nephew, Bam Margera.

"I can't move. I can't move," he shouted as deputies surrounded him and the astonished jury looked on.

"I can't get up!" Margera said. "MY LEGS ARE BROKE! Help me. Help me!"

Eventually, four deputies dragged the sobbing Margera out of the courtroom in handcuffs.


Once he was gone, the only evidence of his breakdown was a miniature Hershey's candy bar on the floor where Margera landed! Ha! Ha! This story made my day!!

source: Rocky Mountain News