Lindsay Attacks Paparazzi With An Umbrella Ella Ella Hey Hey Hey

Orange ass Lindsay Lohan pulled a Britney yesterday as she went for lunch with her former lover, DJ Samantha Ronson at the Newsroom Cafe in L.A. yesterday. Apparently, the photogs weren't moving fast enough for her ass, so she started trying to impale them on her umbrella!

The Newsroom Cafe is the HEART of paparazzi central. The famous Ivy restaurant is right across the street. People go there for ink and photo ops. She KNEW there would be paps there. So she's not that rehabbed. She is still the attention whore she always was.

Lohan shoved her way out of the Newsroom Cafe garage on Roberston Blvd., thrusting an umbrella into the waiting herd of paparazzi -- when a shoving match ensued with Lindsay and a bodyguard.

source: asocialiteslife