How Britney Throws Her Money Away

Brit earns an average of $737,868 per month. Here's how the bloated teen trash spends some of that cash.

The financials, she submitted in May, 2007, show Spears spent an average of $102,000 a month on entertainment,(Starbucks and Orange Fanta, Calzones and Jack in the Box).

Brit dropped 16K a month on clothes, (She can only wear them once because of the greasy stains all over them) K-Fed spends $2,000.

K-Fed spent $3,000 a month on insurance, including car and life. Brit spent $785 a month. K-Fed spent zippo on charity -- Britney, who operates the Britney Spears Foundation, contributed $500 a month. (WOW, Brit, don't sprain yourself!!)

Brit spent $10,250 a month on utilities -- gas, electric, water and trash, and almost $50,000. a month for two mortgage payments. (For homes she doesn't live in, she stays in hotels. ) She doesn't even know WHERE the homes are located, and has to ask the paparazzi. Now, as of today, she's looking at another home to buy, and I can tell you the neighbors there are horrified. Ha! Ha!