Bad News, J. Lo, YOU SUCK.

Sorry JLo! You're not getting an Oscar for "Bordertown." Page Six reports that JLo's latest flop will not hit movie theaters and will go straight to video in January. In "Bordertown" JLo plays a journalist who investigates murders near the Mexican border. It also stars Martin Sheen and Antonio Banderas.

Bitch can't catch a break! Her album is bombing, "El Cantante" bombed and now this? Thank God she has sexy Skeletor to console her. He drove her so wild in a hotel the other night, the desk had to call them twice to quiet it down in there. UGH.

Roberto Cavalli is the latest person to confirm JLo's knocked up. He told People Magazine , "Well Jennifer Lopez, at this moment, she requests something very special because she is waiting for the baby. It is so complicated because every week she is getting bigger." Thats not the only thing thats getting bigger. HER HEAD is getting bigger too.

Homegirl needs those babies, because that may be her only successful release all year.

Career. OVER. There's always The Surreal Life!

source: dlisted