Britney is a Cokehead and Might Be PREGNANT

Britney might be pregnant with Mario Lopez's baby and have a coke problem. WTF! Coke problem? Duh, add it to the list. And she did have sex with Mario a few months back...

Life&Style reports that friends of BS have grown concerned, because she stopped taking her Depo-Provera shot and doesn't take her birth control pills all the time. She apparently complained the DP shot was making her fat, so she switched to the pill. A source said that " she’s constantly forgetting where she put them and to take them. She seems to find it amusing — she laughs at how scattered she is.”

Friends say she has sex with any dude. She has slept with Sam Lufti and JR Rotem. “When her friends ask if she’s being safe, Britney says it’s just casual sex. She seems to think that just because she isn’t in a formal relationship, she’s somehow immune to getting pregnant.”
Mario Lopez (Isn't he gay? Oh well) told Extra that he did not get Britney pregnant. WTF?! I guess there was a rumor that Mario slept with Britney. He said, “My name has been linked to a few headlines of late. This particular headline with Britney and the baby… it is laughable.”

Now InTouch reports Brit is still doing coke even though she's apparently passed several drug tests.