Two Arrested In Royal Sex Tape Blackmail Scandal

Two dudes have been arrested after trying to blackmail the Royals and Scotland Yard is on the case. Back in August , these two guys allegedly demanded $100,000 for a sex tape involving one of the Royals. Scotland Yard set up a sting where the two men came and played a clip from the tape for them. The dumbasses thought they were meeting with private staff of the Royals. They were arrested as son as they played the sex tape.

The tape shows an aide giving oral sex to a Royal. The men also claims to have evidence proving this Royal gave a bag of coke to the aide. The cocaine came in an envelope with the royal stamp on it.

The dudes have been charged with blackmail.

The video is said to show cocaine being cut up on a coffee table with a Harrods charge card before being snorted by the royal aide.

Now it is being reported that the Royal in question is "not a senior member" of the Royal family. In other words, it's not Charles. Diana was known to complain to friends that Charles would receive sexual favors from his aides. It's a royal custom I guess. Gross! Yes, we're talking oral sex of the gay kind. Please don't let it be William or Harry, but it's sort of REALLY looking that way!

The person in question also apparently makes allegations of a sex act which took place between the two before asking for "more cocaine."

source: The Daily Mail