Rumer Thinks She Has Power, and is FAMOUS

PLEASE tell me she's joking! Rumer Willis, the hideously ugly daughter of Bruce and Demi Moore actually thinks she's FAMOUS. Yes, famous for being UGLY. I mean really ugly. How could she not know this! OMG.

She actually said: “I feel like I’m really famous now.”

Regarding fame and celebrity, she told People magazine,

“Before I started working, I would have said, ‘You know, it’s not really fair, because I didn’t choose this.’ But when you decide to be a part of this profession and put yourself out there, then you kind of have to accept what it is.

It’s a 24-hour job. It doesn’t matter if you are going out to a restaurant – you have to be aware of what you are doing and how you look and how you are presenting yourself, because most of the time people never get to know you.

Being famous isn’t going to parties … it’s about being able to use the power that we all have to kind of give back.”