So Creepy

This is so inappropriate and gross. The Crocodile Hunter's fam are a bunch of FREAKS.
Thumbs up! "Ay matey! Let's put Daddy on a cake and smile big grotesque cheesy smiles because he was murdered by a fish, and we're going to cash in as long and as hard as we can!" UGH. Go away.

Lourdes in Crisis!

You mean she's not used to it by now?

Lourdes doesn't like it when we talk bad about her mom. Too bad. More importantly, did she get her big bushy unibrow waxed? Damn it.

New York-based fitness trainer Carlos Leon has been spending extra time with his daughter, as Madonna prepares for her forthcoming world tour, and he is showering her with affection to compensate for her distress.

Leon tells People magazine, “She’s aware of it, and that’s difficult. I just give her more love. Her mother is there for her, (Except when she's on world tours, or completely immersed in her Kaballah bullshit) Guy is there for her.”

And he insists there is no truth to the reports Madonna and Ritchie are splitting: “People have marital problems all the time.”

Richie Sambora Stalks Heather Locklear

Bloated Richie Sambora

called Heather every day she was in rehab, but her boyfriend Jack Wagner only visited twice. Us Weekly reports:

Heather Locklear’s ex-husband Richie Sambora (who struggles with alcoholism) called her daily during her recent four-week stint in rehab for depression and anxiety, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. (The paper claims she also may have been treated for prescription drug issues.) She didn't want him bothering her, because he is a big, flabby, annoying, cheating drunk.

The source says that Locklear, 46, told the other patients at the Arizona facility that she felt the world was closing in on her before she sought help. The source adds that Locklear felt people expected her “to be perfect, always beautiful.” During her stay, the source says Locklear “couldn’t have been warmer or more approachable. There was no diva behavior. She was totally genuine, down-to-earth and warm.”

She often enjoyed riding horses. She even told patients that she wanted to make a Western film “so I can better work on my riding skills,” the insider says. At one point during rehab, Locklear was overheard singing and said she’d love to record an album, the source says.

Oh yeah and Denise Richards is a liar. Big Shock.

“Heather has phone records that prove Denise was calling Richie while Heather was still married to him. Heather was such a good friend to Denise. She gave Denise clothes and offered her a shoulder to cry on when she and now ex-husband Charlie Sheen split up - there are even photos in the press of Heather taking Denise out after she and Charlie split. And then a few weeks later - not months - Denise starts dating Richie. For Denise to claim that not only did she not initiate contact with Richie but that she and Heather weren’t friends for three months before she took up with him, well, that’s just absurd and an outright lie.

Please Kill Her

"People think I'm sexy because I feel sexy."


Hey Y'All



More Proof That Scientology is Cool

Priscilla and son Navarone in happier times

Lisa Marie Presley is a pothead and her younger brother Navarone is a drug dealer. Navarone, 20, is the son of Lisa's mom Priscilla and some cornball she was with in the eighties, Marco.

Navarone Garabaldi, 20, was a devout Scientologist who had just finished his student ministry work, when he was arrested in Glendale, Ca. for possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms. LOL!!
Long time Scientologist Priscilla couldn't be prouder!

Priscilla and hideous Navarone at some corny outing where she dragged him along



Giorgio Armani is smokin' hot, his face stretched tighter than Britney's sweatpants

Brad Pitt shares parenting safety tips with Britney

How many years does this dumb bitch have to go to "driving school?"

Amy enjoys a night on the town

John Travolta isn't gay

Unable to drive a real car, Britney spins around the Malibu streets alone in her plastic Escalade

Repulsive puke Screech is writing a tell all book about the cast of Saved By The Bell. Can't wait.

Katie Holmes, looking more like a real man every day in her futile attempt to arouse her tiny husband

"Hey! Where's everybody going?!" roars Big King Kong Khloe Kardashian

Pete Doherty pled guilty to breaking the camera of a paparazzi today

Dog and Beth shop for trailer trash toys

Britney isn't pregnant or retarded looking

she has real pretty clothes

and shoes
these are her new ones

and my personal faves, how her big fat hooves are busting out of her cheap, corny 80's shoes

Amy likes a big morsel of crack

with her fries

and her joint

Lesbians in Crisis!

The deeply committed dykes share a hearty laugh and an intimate cappuccino, their love protected from the world's prying eyes in a swirl of smoke

The inseparable pair are always glowing with the misty light of their love

The Long Island gutter tramp stepped with her hideous lover in New York last night wearing a T-shirt decorated with a silhouette that looked just like Sam, complete with ridiculous hat and cigarette.
It was topped with the French term for love - 'j'adore'.

The filthy, miserable lovers at New York's Waverly Inn last night

Lindsay is in a constant state of intense pain and agony! Friends would be worried.. but she doesn't have any

Lindsay's attempts to be sexy have only rewarded her with the admiration of one other living soul... and that is her beloved Sam

Lynne Spears is a Murderer

Lyne was enraged when the news broke, and told a friend:
"Everyone needs to get over it.. I HAVE"

Evil Lynne feels no remorse

After years of careful tending to the Spears Family Name and glowing reputation, it has now come to light that Lynne Spears killed a 12 year old boy when she was 20 years old. The innocent child was riding his bike down a Kentwood, Louisiana dirt road. (The only kind of roads they have in Kentwood) It is said that Lynne was in the midst of a sex act at the time! Lynne was a slut? No way, I won't believe it.
After the accident, Lynne began dressing like the unibomber

Lynne has long been known for her psychotic rages

When the news of Lynne's criminal background was leaked to the press, clever Lynne quickly drove to a cemetery and pretended to mourn, as she sat deep in thought and prayer by the 12 year old boy's grave site. Lynne later snorted to a pal that she was really planning her grocery list.