Alec Baldwin Gets Mad if He's Hot

I totally understand this, as I, too, fly into a triple deluxe rage if I were to sweat. (which is something that I will go out of my way to avoid)
The New York Daily News reports that:

Alec Baldwin turned down Larry King and other interviewers because he wanted to talk first with Diane Sawyer about his divorce memoir, "A Promise to Ourselves." But the "30 Rock" star is said to have turned testy when Sawyer had to reschedule because of husband Mike Nichols' heart surgery.

"Diane's people couldn't believe how angry Baldwin got," says a source. "She was running back from the hospital!" A friend of Baldwin says, "The interview was rescheduled at least four times. Then the air conditioning wasn't working. Alec was a little annoyed, but not with Diane." Sawyer's rep says: "Alec couldn't have been more gracious or considerate to her." All's well that ends well: Baldwin and Sawyer got on so famously, they'll do a second interview before the story airs on "20/20."