No Thanks

Oh God, please go away somewhere, and take Jessica Simpson with you. Man shaped Brooke Hogan has been offered a role as a big meaty freak in Playboy Magazine.
And she didn’t say no. I'm going out on a limb and saying no one wants to see this cow naked.

The “Brooke Hogan Knows Best” loser, (who not only doesn't know best, but doesn't know anything) 20, could use a boost for her stagnant and non-existent "career." Hogan’s 2006 album “Undiscovered” reportedly sold just 27,000 copies.

But her father, Hulk Hogan sure will be jealous, because no one should see her naked except him.

Brooke has posed for a men’s magazine in the past (she appeared on the cover of FHM in a skimpy bikini in 2006), but has never posed nude. “No decision has been made at this time,” her rep said.

What's next? A pictorial of her and her hideous friend in a lesbo layout?