Dwarf Vern Troyer Held Prisoner by Evil Girlfriend

A frightened Mini Me, seen here out for a lobster dinner with his captor

Mini Me, who claims he cannot escape his abusive girlfriend, says she has been torturing him and forcing him to have sex.

"He did his best. He didn't wear a condom. There was no point, they're all too big."

Ranae laughs about the time she almost drowned Vern, telling reporters:

"I thought it would be fun to do it in the tub," she said. "Sadly I almost killed him. While Verne was watching TV I ran the bath, emptied a bottle of bubbles in it and called him in. But the bubbles were so thick and high that once he climbed in he got lost under the water and I couldn't see him."
Anyway: "Verne's voice is just like it is in the films and as he disappeared under the water, I heard this tiny yelp for help. I could just hear him crying, ‘Ranae, I can't see! Get me out, I'm drowning!' "
Verne says he hasn't fully recovered from the fact that his ex, aspiring actress Ranae Shrider, leaked their sex tape onto the internet.

"It's been hard," he says in the new issue of Us Weekly, in his first interview since the scandal broke. "I haven't done anything except stay in my house. The fact that I could be close to somebody and for them to do this is the biggest thing that gets me."

Above, Ranae and her diminutive dwarf lover, Vern, in happier times
He says it was initially Shrider's idea to make the tape. She forced me to do it, and to have sex with her when I didn't feel good. "I put all the trust in her," Troyer, 39, tells Us. "She kept the tape in her camera on top of the closet where I couldn't even reach it!"

First claiming the tape was stolen, Shrider later confessed to leaking a portion of it to TMZ.com, Troyer says.

"Hate is a good word," he says when asked about Shrider. "The sad part is, I have a house and she's still renting one of the rooms. She won't leave. I'm trying to see if I can evict her."
Pint sized Troyer fights to contain his excitement on a recent night out with Ranae

Read his entire interview below.
Q. Whose decision was it to do a sex tape?
VT: It was basically both of our decisions. We both equally said, Lets do this. She came up with the idea and at the time, I thought it was great.

Q. Did she give you the tape? How much trust did you put in her with this tape?
VT: I put all the trust in her. She had the tape. Actually, she had the tape in her camera, which was on top of the closet where I couldnt even reach it. I dont have a copy. I just thought it was for us.

Q. She admits to leaking some of the tape. How do you feel?
VT: I feel vindicated that people know that it is her, but it doesnt help how I feel as far as somebody that was in my life, doing that to me.

Q. Do you feel like she used this as a way to get famous?
VT: yes and now she's famous for hurting a little dwarf.

Q. So was the breakup mutual?
VT: No, I broke up with her.
The scorned and misshapen elf exits his vehicle, which he proudly drives himself

Q. Can you talk about why?
VT: Yeah, she has been beating me with her fists and heavy objects.

Q. Did you love her?
VT: No, she's evil.

Q. How do you feel about her now?
VT: Hate is actually a good word. I just very much dislike her right now and the really sad part is, I have a house and she won't leave so I still see her, which makes it even harder.

Q. How do you deal with that?
VT: I dont acknowledge her. Truthfully, I dont really see her that often. I have my own room, and I have everything that I need in my room. I just dont see her, which is good.

Q. Can you get her evicted?
VT: Im in the process of seeing what I can do. She wont leave.

Q. As a famous person, is there always that concern that anybody you date is going to try use to further their career?
VT: Of course, it crosses my mind. You know, I know right now I dont want to date another girl for the rest of my life.