Lourdes in Crisis!

You mean she's not used to it by now?

Lourdes doesn't like it when we talk bad about her mom. Too bad. More importantly, did she get her big bushy unibrow waxed? Damn it.

New York-based fitness trainer Carlos Leon has been spending extra time with his daughter, as Madonna prepares for her forthcoming world tour, and he is showering her with affection to compensate for her distress.

Leon tells People magazine, “She’s aware of it, and that’s difficult. I just give her more love. Her mother is there for her, (Except when she's on world tours, or completely immersed in her Kaballah bullshit) Guy is there for her.”

And he insists there is no truth to the reports Madonna and Ritchie are splitting: “People have marital problems all the time.”