Drew Barrymore: Drinking & Drugs Destroy Her Relationship

Drew Barrymore and "the love of her life", Justin Long, have split amongst reports that Drew has been snorting alot of the white stuff and drinking heavily nightly.
A dumpy and bloated Drew staggers through the streets, desperate for a drink

Until recently, Barrymore and Long had planned to wed – that is until booze resumed its hold on the former child star.
“Justin got tired of having to help Drew to the car at the end of the night,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.
“He felt that Drew’s ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude was more than he could take.”
Drew – who began using drugs and alcohol as a child and did stints in rehab as a teen – now believes she has control over her drinking, the insider divulged.
“Justin gently suggested to Drew that they both slow down on the drinking, and she didn’t take it well,” said the insider.
“Her inability to accept Justin’s advice became the deal breaker.” from The National Enquirer
Below, the feuding couple try to escape photographers

Below is a reprinted email from a tipster:

Hey. I don’t really know if this even really has a point but last week my best friend texted me saying that drew barrymore was in michigan (where i live) filming a movie and her cousin saw her out at a bar and started drinking and what not with her and invited her back to his apt in ann arbor where she stayed there till like 5 a.m. i didn’t really think much of this until i read the story of their breakup. i beleive there’s pictures too. i guess she was COMPLETLY wasted.

A dazed and disheveled Barrymore wanders the streets of Los Angeles LOL

Drew has also made some unfortunate fashion choices, as seen below when she went braless on The MTV Awards