Giorgio Armani is smokin' hot, his face stretched tighter than Britney's sweatpants

Brad Pitt shares parenting safety tips with Britney

How many years does this dumb bitch have to go to "driving school?"

Amy enjoys a night on the town

John Travolta isn't gay

Unable to drive a real car, Britney spins around the Malibu streets alone in her plastic Escalade

Repulsive puke Screech is writing a tell all book about the cast of Saved By The Bell. Can't wait.

Katie Holmes, looking more like a real man every day in her futile attempt to arouse her tiny husband

"Hey! Where's everybody going?!" roars Big King Kong Khloe Kardashian

Pete Doherty pled guilty to breaking the camera of a paparazzi today

Dog and Beth shop for trailer trash toys

Britney isn't pregnant or retarded looking

she has real pretty clothes

and shoes
these are her new ones

and my personal faves, how her big fat hooves are busting out of her cheap, corny 80's shoes

Amy likes a big morsel of crack

with her fries

and her joint