Britney Wanted a Girl, Oh BOO HOO

Britney was seen crying at the airport after seeing Jamie Lynn's hillbilly spawn Maddie, who is the "spittin' image" of her hideous white trash pop, Casey. UGH. . According to Showbiz Spy, Brit's dad found Britney sobbing naked in her bathroom, as she blubbered how she had always wanted a little girl. Her dad then called Britney's shrink to increase her medication. Maybe she should have loved and taken care of the babies she HAD, the selfish little bitch.

A source says Britney was “a bit dazed and distant”, wouldn’t answer any of her dad’s questions and “had no enthusiasm for anything”. And on June 21, at around 9.30pm, Jamie found his daughter naked on the bathroom floor, crying hysterically and mumbling to herself about wanting a baby girl. Jamie rang the doctor, who rushed to Britney’s side and diagnosed a breakdown.

Below, Brit seen crying at the airport while wearing a really flattering outfit and her cool Ugg boots

A source says, “Seeing her little sister give birth was too much for Britney. It made her realize what a mess she’s in. She’s insanely jealous of Jamie Lynn having a girl because she’s always been desperate for a daughter. Jamie found her sobbing her heart out and repeating: ‘It’s not fair, Dad, it’s not fair.’ He sat with her, cuddled her and stroked her hair. Then he got her some clothes and helped her into the bedroom before calling the doctor, who ordered her to rest. They bumped up her Melleril and Ativan because of the drama she was creating.”