Lynne Spears is a Murderer

Lyne was enraged when the news broke, and told a friend:
"Everyone needs to get over it.. I HAVE"

Evil Lynne feels no remorse

After years of careful tending to the Spears Family Name and glowing reputation, it has now come to light that Lynne Spears killed a 12 year old boy when she was 20 years old. The innocent child was riding his bike down a Kentwood, Louisiana dirt road. (The only kind of roads they have in Kentwood) It is said that Lynne was in the midst of a sex act at the time! Lynne was a slut? No way, I won't believe it.
After the accident, Lynne began dressing like the unibomber

Lynne has long been known for her psychotic rages

When the news of Lynne's criminal background was leaked to the press, clever Lynne quickly drove to a cemetery and pretended to mourn, as she sat deep in thought and prayer by the 12 year old boy's grave site. Lynne later snorted to a pal that she was really planning her grocery list.