Not a Freak For a Change

This doesn't happen very often, but every time I see Rashida Jones, I can't believe how pretty she is. Her father is Quincy Jones and her sister, Kidada Jones was the former fiance of the late Tupac Shakur. Her mom is Peggy Lipton from The Mod Squad. I don't watch The Office, but that's the show she's on right now.

okay, well I had seriously forgotten how groovy they were!

Peggy, Rashida, Quincy and Kidada

the mod squad in their crime fighting days. Link thought he was so cool!

This morning she stopped by The Martha Stewart Show for a lesson on how to make a Mother's Day Present. Martha said "Oh how surprised her mother, Diana Ross, would be when she received it." Poor Rashida had to correct Martha and tell her Diana Ross wasn't her mother. Martha is a moron. Anyway, the other thing I can't believe is that Peggy Lipton looks exactly the same.

This isn't very interesting, I know, but I get tired of only looking at and talking about hideous freaks sometimes. Okay, we'll go back to the freaks now