Britney Has Been Diagnosed With Schizophrenia

Both Star and The National Enquirer reported this week that Britney was also diagnosed with schizophrenia along with bipolar disorder.
Britney has also been trying to run away from the bodyguard that her father hired several times.

An enraged Britney got into a violent brawl with her new bodyguard as she made a desperate attempt to escape from her home - and her father’s control.

With her dad Jamie and the bodyguard in hot pursuit, Britney made it only two houses down the street in her exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood before the bodyguard caught up with her.

“She was screaming at both men at the top of her lungs,” said a source. “Britney was in a rage, cursing them as she was dragged and carried back to the house…”

After a recent dance rehearsal, she begged her bodyguard not to take her straight home. When he refused, she began screaming and tried to jump out of the car at a red light, but he hit the gas and began moving before she could flee, said the source.
She again tried to make a run for it as the car stopped in front of the gate to her community.
“Britney was irate,” said the source. “As the gate was opening, she jumped into the front seat and opened the door.”
But Britney changed her mind when a photographer pulled alongside the car, and the bodyguard took her straight to the house.

The Enquirer also reports that Lynn doesn’t approve of the tough love that Jamie is showing their daughter, and that she would rather take her back to Louisiana. Along with Sam Lutfi, Britney’s “cousin” Alli Sims, (not her real cousin) has also been shut out of her life. Alli has been hanging out with Lutfi, and that’s enough to show that she’s a bad influence on her.

Britney has bipolar disorder and was diagnosed with schizophrenia too. She can’t care of herself and her father is trying to make sure she’s ok and is able to stay at home and go on occasional outings